press-on-persistenceI haven’t been all alone for a while and it feels strange to be so. Can’t quite remember the days where I didn’t have a kid or anyone around me at night. I think the last time might have been the night where I was all alone in a hotel, in Melbourne.

It’s been a tiring week, but there are more tiring weeks ahead. I have been on course all week, and I have an exam to take tomorrow. Am going to mug real hard for it tonight…because I NEED have to pass.

There has been just too much going on these couple of days and I am dead beat. I slept 3 hours last night, and I think tonight isn’t going to be any better. The husb is flying off early tomorrow morning for a week. I can’t send him off so he is staying with my mother-in-law tonight. I left the kids with my mum to steal in a couple of hours to mug for my exam.

The upcoming weeks is just gonna be tough because I have many weeks of solo parenting ahead. My mum and brother is going on a holiday without me, and the husband will report for reservist right after his overseas stint, so it’s just gonna be me, me, and ME. And the two kids.

I’m hoping I’ll survive all the madness amidst my work, and I can’t wait for that rainbow to appear when Christmas is here. For now, I just have to press on.