Happy New Year! It’s the first day of 2015 and I can’t believe 2014 is gone, just. like. that.

2014 hasn’t really been an amazing year, but it is good enough. It is a year of survival. Whatever downs I had, I believe it was to make me stronger. I am thankful for all that has happened because I gained experience, I gained friendships, I grew stronger, and I challenged myself more in 2014 and learnt a lot more new things. I ended 2014 feeling wonderful and happy.

Here’s a few significant ones.

Work wise, I changed my role yet again at work, survived through months of having to face a really toxic person and got myself certified in something that I have always wanted to. I am not sure if the new portfolio is something that I want to continue growing in yet, but for now, I know I have a lot more options available to me.

Family wise, there isn’t much updates. We are still having fun as a family, and nothing much has quite changed. We have a set routine with the kids and bedtimes are still an issue, but we get by. I love the feeling of staying in our small little abode and love the freedom and the peace that it brings sometimes. It just feels nice waking up to our own little home and being able to stay in it for 24 hours without stepping out and still feel good. The only thing that scared us this year is the big fall that Jerome had, but he survived and there is no scar. Thankfully.

Blog wise, this has been an amazing year. I have been given a lot of opportunities and am ever so thankful for those who believed in me. The list is very long so I shan’t attempt to bore you guys but I pushed my own boundaries with Shell, OSIM and AirAsia. It has been very rewarding, not in terms of monetary gains, but for the exposure, the friendships gained and simply stepping out of my own comfort zone. And towards the very last few days of 2014, I cannot be more thankful when I received a lot of concern and support with the online saga that happened, with me unknowingly being spiralled into it for no apparent reason (read this to figure out). It has made me realise that nothing really can get you down when you are doing what you know is right, and just being truthful to yourself. Those of you who sent a message along my way (you know who you are), I cannot express how touched I am that you guys noticed and showed care. The online world to me is a very wonderful one because it is where I have learnt a lot from people and forged a lot of selfless friendships. (Sure, there is an ugly side too, but they don’t get to me.)

As for myself, I managed to check of an item off my bucket list – Swimming with whale sharks.  It’s not much for a whole year, but as a full time working mum with 2 young toddlers, I am satisfied enough. There is so much on my plate really, and I don’t want to try and force myself and end up choking. All in its own time and I am sure, everything would fall into place some day. Even if they don’t, I am sure there is a reason for it.

We spent the first day of 2015 sleeping till noon. We had friends over at our place for countdown and ‘partied’ till 3am the night before. It was fun and it was the first time the kids get to create havoc screaming and running around past midnight. It was an happy occasion and everyone was happy to indulge in the kids. The husband & me spent the rest of the day as a shitty day, like literally. Jerry had diarrhoea since the night before and we spent the day dealing with his explosive poop round the clock (which is why this post came so late). I think he is slightly better now, and has gone to bed. Poor kid. He must be feeling real uncomfortable the whole time, especially since we made him wear diapers to contain the poop to prevent accidents but he was so, so happy to be drinking a whole can of 100 plus by himself as a treat. Simple joys in life. And diarrhoea be gone!

I know a lot of people is dreading tomorrow but don’t! A new year bring new opportunities. Embrace it positively and the positive vibes will attract good things. Have a great 2015 guys.

Do keep reading. I know I have been slacking the past month (so so busy at work, and then just nua-ing my leave at year end because I am so tired), but it always have been a personal goal to improve my blog year on year, so I am excited to embrace it! Bring it on! 🙂