some weeks back, I turned another year older. uneventfully. I think birthdays get a whole lot more toned down as I age. I spent the day on a quick date with the husb, out watching hossan leong’s stand up comedy and had loads of laughter for company. had a quick dinner before we zipped home for the kids. thank you all who sent well wishes and greetings my way through fb, text messages, whatsapp, IG and all other social platforms, thank you very much. I may not have replied them all, but I read every single one of them and feel very much loved.


the highlight of the day had to be this picture!

please excuse bad posture and flabby arms. I was kinda nervous when taking the picture. Lol.

I totally love the cake that the husb bought for me! by the way, it isn’t a customized cake or anything (its bought last min off the shelves) but its so totally cute. and apt! the only thing that I didn’t quite like is that it’s a fruit cake and they aren’t just my type of cakes. I like rich, creamy, indulgent type of cakes! husb to note! (its the first time he bought me a fruit cake to be fair)

am totally thankful for my mum and my in-laws who helped to baby sit the kids so that i could have a short date with the husb in peace. feel totally blessed with great family support, a loving husband and having two little boys to spend the day with. more updates to come!


p.s. if you are wondering about the silence on the blog, I am still sorting out the pictures for the trip and haven’t had time to sit down proper to blog. i have also been trying to engage Jerry more actively lately and instill a 930pm bedtime for him so my lights are off early and I inevitably fall into slumber land together with him. please don’t forget me and check back soon!

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