The Choo Family

The Choo Family. Happy Birthday to me!

And so, I turned a year older on Sunday. It is probably the simplest birthday ever. No flowers, no presents, just my favourite durian cake from Jane’s Cake Station, spent the day running errands and had Hai Di Lao for dinner.

This year, I was just happy to be spending time with my little family, just snuggling close to them, and eating the pretend food that Jerry likes to cook in the playroom.

My birthday wish? Wishing everyone around me to be happy and healthy, because that is all that matters.

The husband says he’ll bring me shopping for a present, and I told him to transfer me his budget in CASH. Errm. I think I have changed and grown a lot more practical these days. Haha!  Mostly, it is because I really didn’t know what i want and there isn’t anything that I need.

Cutting the birthday cake with both my sons.

Cutting the birthday cake with both my sons.

Still feeling pretty much the kiddo with all that toys surrounding me and the cake! And no. We didn’t use the plastic cutlery there…

Totally random unrelated note – Been really tired and trying to catch up on life in general. Work has been eating into me (ikr!), so updates are gonna be sparse and sporadic. I do hope you guys would still check back on this blog when you can! I’ll try to write when I can stay awake! I do have many things that I want to say!

Read about my previous birthdays here, and here! Just realised that there ain’t much funfare on my birthdays huh.