Choo Family Photo 2015 with Jerry smirking

Choo Family Photo 2015

Here’s wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year from my family to yours! I know this should have been done like 8 days ago, but I have been diligent..

Diligent in spending time with the family, connecting with the people that matter. Spending time with myself, doing the things I enjoy most. Diligent in letting some things go, chill, sit back and really relax. And, sleep early.

It’s hasn’t been easy, making a  deliberate change to my lifestyle and not touch my computer that much. But can I share that it has been liberating? I have done so much in the past few weeks that I suddenly feel like I am actually living my life again, and not going through the motions and waiting for one day to end and another to start.

2015 somewhat started out to be a purposeful one. I started to eat a little more healthier, I clocked in more exercise in the past 2 months than the whole of last year. I set out to learn new skills and knowledge and I think I am making good pace at it.

So, here’s what I have been up to for the past 2 weeks!

I learnt how to crochet and made my first amigurumi! The husband got this as a V-day present and I think I haven’t quite seen him hold on a to present so dearly for a while. He named it “Valentino” and Valentino gets to be by his bedside when he goes to bed. Honestly, I am a little jealous.

My 100 year old Grandpa with Jerry & Jerome.

My 100 year old Grandpa with Jerry & Jerome.

The Choo Family with my maternal Grandpa

The Choo Family with my maternal Grandpa

We went up to Malaysia and had a reunion meal with my Grandpa on Chinese New Year Eve. We drove up in the middle of the night. It was very tiring and I was super sleep deprived, but this picture and the smile on grandpa’s face make it totally worth the while. And we came all the way back right after our lunch into Singapore, just in time to make it for reunion dinner with the hubby’s side of the family.

Most fun family steamboat ever. Everyone gets their own mini pot and there were abundance of abalone! The following few days was just meeting up with relatives of all sides, and catching up with everyone. When I have a quiet moment or so, I was working on my next amigurumi project (which I have since finished). I’ll share more about the next amigurumi in the days to come when I get it all stitched up together.

This week has been nothing but busy. I was on course for the past 2 days and I got to know myself a lot more. I learnt a lot of strategies that can make myself a lot more confident than I used to be and how to tackle issues that I have always struggled with. Gonna put what I learn to use whenever I can! First thing first, leaning into my discomfort. The thing about courses is that they literally drain your brain so I was really tired and knocked out together with the kids and I am actually struggling to type this so I am going to end it here.

Sorry about the abrupt end to the post, but I just need to take care of myself more, and clock in the beauty sleep that I need. Back to work tomorrow after 9 long days out of the office. I can smell hectic waiting for me. Good night.