my viral fever temperature just recorded its highest in the last 5 days (or is it 6th day now). an hour ago, I recorded like 39.5 degrees celsius.


the husband has been icing me with ice and cold packs (and his can of beer) for the past hour and more and I really cannot feel more loved.


I just need to know why this stinking fever refused to leave me alone. and the freaking reason that caused me to BURN (luckily not in hell yet).


thought I put down some random thoughts in case my brain really gets fried and I can’t think straight.


I really don’t want to lose my brain. Lol. that’s where all my memories are kept and I think its really the sole purpose of living.


I love my gf who kept texting me everyday checking on my temperature and telling me “dafaq!!! go to hospital please!” with my each reply. well, the hospital rejected me wor. =( but I love her to bits. really sweet and I texted her my will and she kinda screamed at me through her text message. Haha. I can so totally feel her reaction ricocheting through my phone.


I sprouted a lot of nonsense to the husband and he entertained me with really funny thoughts while patiently sponging me every other minute.

me: not bad, your wife’s really HOT.
him: you are not bad either, your husband is cool.


and I am really proud of my Jerry. he woke in the midst of everything, left his room and came searching for us. the husb told him mama is sick and he laid v still beside me and just kept looking at me in darkness. a while later,  and he asked for a bottle a milk and said – jerry go back room, and went back to his own room to drink his milk. so grown up, at just 2y4mths old.


I really don’t give thanks to things like that on a daily basis. I hope I’ll ride this fever out soon.. though I kinda like the thought that I’m hot.


good night. I’ll blog soon if I’m well.

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