Yo! In case you guys are wondering where i am…. i’m still alive, but barely kicking! Life has been really busy and i hardly have much time to spend with the kids, much less blog.

so, yeah.

but, i’m here to out-do myself because i jumped on the bandwagon and got onto a new (micro) blogging platform.. and in case you haven’t heard, i’m on dayre.me.

I kinda like that it somewhat document my day and i can upload random pictures and do random snippets at any time i feel like it and still collates it into a daily entry. the entries there are mostly nonsensical and totally random, and captures my “thoughts of the moment” or simply, things that puts a smile on my face.

it reminds me a lot of my old blog where everything was happy-go-lucky and totally random.

so yeah, follow me there if you are on dayre.me, or follow me on instagram or subscribe to my facebook page to stay connected. yup. i’m pretty much a social media junkie. so, add me wherever you like… and see ya there!