Salt Tapas and Bar Singapore
252 North Bridge Road
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6837 0995

on our 3rd wedding anniversary, der suggested that we head out for a nice dinner. I wanted some vino for the occasion and suggested Salt Tapas & Bar for the occasion. It was the first restaurant that came to my mind that day.

Salt Tapas & BarSalt Tapas & Bar by Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan
when i first chanced upon the exterior of this restaurant, i made a mental note to try it one day. It has a pretty cool exterior that left quite an impression. I tried to make a reservation on the actual day but it was full and we had to do walk-in. We weren’t particular about the seating and was given a bar seat after a while. the restaurant was packed with people, and it was particularly noisy to a certain extent but amidst the clanking of glasses and cutlery, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

we havent had alone time for a long time, let alone in a cosy setting and not having to worry about the kids at all (they were home with my mum). we talked about everything and travelling, a passion that burns in me.. and what other countries we should visit together. although it’s gonna be quite hard in the next few years, but i guess one can always dream.. and in this case, the 2 of us can dream.

we ordered our food and slowly ate through our meal. it was a luxury, i tell ya. The “slowly eat” part of it, not the food. here’s my review of what we had at the restaurant.

I ordered 2 glasses of house red wine but turns out, i was served white wine instead and the server got my order wrong. Since i don’t really mind white wine, i didnt utter anything and took the white wine instead. turns out, it was pretty lovely tasting with a mild sweet note. i really miss drinking wine like i do before.

oysters in chickpea cumin batter
oysters in chickpea cumin batter, tzatzik
The husband found this delish, but i almost choked on my oyster because it tasted bad. As a oyster lover, paying $5 at a restaurant for an oyster is definitely a premium pricing and i was quite disappointed that it didnt come fresh. That said, i didnt bother giving the feedback to the restaurant since i really didnt want to try it anymore. maybe it’s just my luck.

oysters served natural
oysters served natural, served with nam jim sauce
The fresh oysters were ok, but definitely not the freshest that i have tasted. I originally had plans to order another 1/2 dozen, but decided against it after eating these 4. Not exactly worth the moolah, in my honest opinion.

salt & pepper squid
Salt & pepper squid with lime mayo (chef’s special)
This is crispy, chewy and tasted pretty good. The husband is quite the fan and polished off most of it. that said, for $21, the portion is rather tiny (i know, its supposed to be tapas… but still..)

chicken liver & foie gras
Chicken liver & foie gras parfait, pear chutney, toasted brioche
The chicken liver and foie gras that came in the jar was really smooth. the serving was more than enough to spread the toasted brioche and i find it yum-meh. the husband finds it tasting ok, but generally doesn’t like his foie gras in pâté style so i ate most of it.

Sirloin, asparagus, tomato, parsnip, parmesan & truffle dressing
this was the winner for me through the night. the sirloin came exactly in the wellness i ask for, and everything else was tasty. I polished the entire serving by myself (the husband doesnt take beef) and found this the most value for money.

we also ordered 2 desserts to end the night! yeah, i know. #wearegluttons

Mille-feuille of berries & cream, vanilla ice cream
gooey hot chocolate tart
Gooey Hot Chocolate Tart with caramelised banana and white chocolate ice cream (chef’s special)

between the 2, we both love the gooey hot chocolate tart more. it had warm chocolate oozing out, wasn’t too sweet and definitely very palatable. the millie-feuille was just average.

the entire meal cost us close to $180 and its likely we won’t be back here again within the next couple of months. if i do, it will probably be for drinks and not for the food since i didnt really feel full and it isnt exactly affordable to dine here frequently. that said, i do want to try the Salt grill and sky bar when the opportunity arise.

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