last weekend, the cousins and me planned for brunch! it wasnt so much the food but more for the kiddos to get together and us just gathering together.

my nephew Levon trying to hold Jerry’s hands so he doesnt run about while the husb keeps a watchful eye.

my cheeky son trying to take off.

xsilly joined us and he has a playdate too!

having a ride on Donald! lol.


it was my first time at canopy and I didn’t realised that there were a lot more indoor seats within in an adjacent restaurant building that belongs under the same management. I love that we were tucked in a small cosy corner in our own, but still had relatively prompt service.


everything on the menu looks pretty tempting and we wanted to try almost everything on the menu!

husb’s mushroom burger – a big piece of juicy Portobello mushroom, served with loads of rocket leaves and a soft bun. the fries were yummy too and we subsequently ordered another basket of fries to share!

my lobster pasta. it was nice, but just normal pasta. the lobster meat didn’t do much for me I guess.

my cousin’s egg Benedict. I half wished I could eat this!

buttermilk pancake with a banana add-on. the pancake was thick and good even on its own. the banana add-on was way too overpriced at $3. this was shared between the kiddos.

egg omelette. we ordered ham and cheese but the order came as mushroom and cheese instead. we didn’t really bother since its for the kiddos to share as well. this is good as well, there were loads of cheese within and I stole a fee bites even though the egg was still a little runny in some bits.

one of my cousins came late so she only had dessert. sticky date pudding served with vanilla ice cream. this is rich and good, and totally sinful.

our big basket of fries. the kids was having a field time with this on the table!


we had initial plans of spending the afternoon in the park and checking out the playground, but halfway through our meal.. it started pouring so we had to wait it out at the table since we didn’t have umbrellas with us.


Der put jerry into the stroller for a nap while phobe whined about milk and stroller (she didn’t have both items as it was in the car), we made her a make-shift area to lie down while we waited.

levon just climbed and walked around the area checking out didi (jerry)..

happy boy.

here’s the cosy area that we were at. there were only one other table of 4 near us and I was mega thankful we were given the alfresco sitting area that was sheltered.

bushes and greens right behind me. I was busy snapping pictures while the husb was occupying himself with his iPad.

just waiting..


the rain didn’t go away for a while, and when it finally did, all the kids were cranky and tired and the playground was too wet for them so we called it a day and headed home.


what a bummer, but I’m sure we’ll be back some day soon!