last Sunday, I met the usual duo (andy and Cindy) for brunch. its been a long while since we met!

Andy proposed house @ Dempsey and I havent been there for brunch so we gamely agreed.

Der & me were late. mainly cos we took a while to prep the bub who was cranky and nearing his nap time, and I couldnt head into the bathroom at all after Der left for home to wash up so I had to wait for him to return before I could prep. its still quite a logistical nightmare each time we head out when my mum isn’t home because Der doesn’t stay in the same house at me yet. am so looking forward to the days we get our keys. things would be much easier especially since jerry would also be much older then..

the cranky one knocked out in the car on the way there, which was kinda expected so we had a peacful ride, only after he screamed his head off and then dozed off after realising he’s not getting any attention from me.

andy’s coffee. can’t remember what he ordered.. a latte?¬†

Cindy’s lychee and lemongrass drink. it looked so yummy but I forgot to try!

my power mango drink, wasn’t too fantastic in my opinion..

both Cindy and Andy ordered the barracks freeform eggs with different egg choices. the plating came different and they both didn’t have much rave about their food.

Der had the Asian sliders which was actually Kong bak bao serves with taro fries. he finished everything while I picked at his oily taro fries when he wasn’t looking. he love it much.

midway, the bub woke and we fed him lunch and I pinched some bun from der’s plate to feed him… while he demands the crispy fries I was chewing at.

my pretty 7 layer pancakes! omg. it looked so pretty and good, I actually didn’t quite bear to eat it. when I finally did, it failed miserably in the taste compartment. the pancakes were hardly fluffy, they were a tad dry and tough even. the dry nuts, cranberries, raisins combination made the dry pancakes even harder to swallow. even with a generous dose of naple syrup, it didn’t helped and I think I barely finished 1 layer of the 7 layers. I gave everyone else a layer to try and they all scrunch up their faces in dismay. how could such prettily decked pancakes go wrong, I’m not sure but I will never order this,again for sure!

for 18 bucks, it was definitely not worth it, and its no where near the fluffy butter pancakes describe on the menu. if you had tried this before and your view is different from mine, do drop me a comment and let me know. maybe I was unlucky and happened to tried on one of those off days. the heart shaped there actually indicates that its a popular/recommended choice!


the food was definitely disappointing, but the company made it heaps better.

baby chilling out with Andy, with x.silly in hand. it has officially because his toy now. he brings it everywhere he goes.

Cindy and me.

happy family picture! hahaha..

realised I hardly take a picture with Der anymore in a long long while.. so here’s one.

baby revelling in all the attention he is getting!

I have no idea what conversation they were having here. I think Andy was trying to steal my x.silly. haha.

we popped over to Ben & jerry for desserts!

and jerry is still apparently quite the star amongst the duo. Der and me were just happy to have the kiddo off our hands!


we ended the day there and all drove home for an afternoon nap. how exciting right? hah.


today, Der and me bummed around at home all day, just chilling around and relaxing, though its no where near relaxing. I had a few meltdowns today targeted at jerry. he kept tugging at the boxes where I keep my nail polish and finally managed to break a bottle of opi and got polish all over the floor, his hands and everywhere. it was a mess. then he managed to pull open another drawer of mine, found a tube of travel size shower gel, pluck open the cap and squeezed out the contents all over the drawer and my floor. gosh, I almost killed him.


he’s no where near terrible twos yet, but I’m having a rather trying time with him these days. he just soooooooooo curious! he tugs at everything, play with the switches all the time, opens up everything he can, put every single thing into his mouth for a taste test and grabs at my hair constantly, inflicting pain. he has also learnt to test his limits and repeats the thing he does, just so to see the reaction he gets outta us.


I had wanted to put him in a huge tote bag and hang him up on the wall but he managed to scamper out of the bag before I could hang the bag.


yes. that’s how thin my patience ran today. I reckon its a bad day for me. I am struggling with hip/pelvic pain. I think I might have a slight dislocation while trying to struggle and put the bub into bed on Friday night. I was tugging him and felt something moved at my hips. I do have a history of hip dislocation though it never really bothered me previously but hobbing around in pain isn’t exactly fun the past 2 days..