so many familiar faces are leaving at my work place. almost every other week, someone left or there are news of people leaving, many of which without a job.


had a good luck lunch with serene the other day. I refused to call it goodbye/farewell. I’m sure we’ll meet and keep in contact!


lunch was at medz at millenia walk.. it was a little like marche style of dining concept, but with the food offerings based on 8 cuisine stations – Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean stations.

French onion soup, it was bland and in my honest opinion, not worth the money or the stomach space. I could barely taste any hint of onion taste.

rosti. I prefer the ones at marche!

my pork belly. I didn’t finish this either. the meat portion was a little dry, tough and the piggy scent was a little too overwhelming for me to bear. disappointing actually.

serene’s elephant salad bowl. this comes in 2 bowl sizes and elephant is the bigger size. you can pack your bowl to the brim with an assortment of vegetables from the selection available. serene’s bowl has turnips, roasted pumpkin, carrots, raisins, beetroot, broccoli, and some leafy greens at the bottom.

some detoxing juice drink for serene and a freeze for me. yummy, but expensive bordering around $7 for each.

lychee panna cotta. it was ok but didn’t really have the lychee taste. the raspberry sauce at the sides was overwhelming and it sure tasted more like a raspberry panna cotta. 

rainbow cake! we both were quite excited to see this but again, it was disappointing. while pretty to look at, the sponge was dry making it quite hard to swallow.

happy faces before we started the feast but I guess it will be a long long while before I come back here again.