We picked Table Manners Restaurant to celebrate a colleague’s birthday in advance today since some of the team is on leave next week (me included).


lunch at table manners @ changi city point.

Table Manners Restaurant Review

love the ambience, super chillax and it doesn’t feel like a working day at all!

I love all the small little details and touches, the table settings, serviettes with bow ties and interesting quotes pertaining to table manners plastered at unsuspecting corners, greeting you and teasing you.. its quite entertaining to glance around the restaurant reading the little quotes.

a feature wall indoors.


I didn’t manage to take a picture of the table manners menu but I love the concept that the set meals are a mix and match of any items on the menu under 3 broad categories – staples (where you have spaghetti, mash, wedges and the carbo stuff), vege (vege sides like brinjal, asparagus with bacon, sauteed mushrooms, caesar salad etc) and lastly, the meats – a rather wide range from steaks, burgers, chicken, pork, and seafood. I thought its a brilliant idea because you choose to eat only what you want to eat!


the sets goes like 3 items of veg/staples, or 2 veg/staples & 1 meat or 1 veg/staples & 2 meats and 2 veg/staples & 2 meats. not the right combination for you? you can simply order each serving of vege/staples at just $3.50 or a serving of meat at $7 or add on to your existing set if you don’t find your set sufficient. I think its v affordable too!

mushroom soup that we ordered on the side. creamy, thick soup with tiny mushrooms bits that gives a little bite. my colleague who ordered it says its AWESOME. everyone gave their thumbs up too.

my mash, as a side because I didn’t think my set would be sufficient to cover my hunger. its love buttery goodness and I almost licked the bowl clean.

my colleague’s – some crispy chicken that’s orgasmically yummy (i wished I ordered this!) with asaparagus & bacon and wedges.

roasted chicken leg, caesar salad and wedges. the chicken leg tasted normal to me, but it isn’t something I’ll normally go for. 2 other colleagues also ordered the chicken leg so I didn’t bother to snap pictures.

my lunch! spaghetti pomodoro, asaparagus with bacon and sirlion steak. very yummy combo, but unfortunately, the smell/taste of my steak didn’t bode well with my pregnancy senses.. while I very much wanted to finish it up, I get the gagging feeling when I attempt to swallow. I don’t know if you ever felt this way, its like the tongues approves and says.. ok let’s swallow but the throat says, hey, get out.. you stink! its a weird sensation so I stopped after 2 pcs of the meat and gave my colleague the last piece. pregnancy does makes your taste buds wonky!


my other colleague ordered seafood but she was too far from me to snap a picture..

some of my colleagues chilled with a cup of cuppacino while I had iced cool lemon tea (not pictured) and we rounded off the meal with yummy desserts!

this is to die for. at least for me. it has my favourite things in it – sea salt, caramel, and chocolate! its sea salt caramel chocolate tart. I could eat 2 or 3 at one go man. its also the restaurant’s reccommended dessert so I guess it says much.

I have no idea what these 2 are. I was attending to a call when the order was placed so all I did was eat thereafter. the first should be some chocolate mousse thing. the dry tasted like a bit of a dry butter cake so that was the most ‘meh’ thing I ate  for the meal..


but, I’ll definitely be back soon! the lunch crowd is quite packed so do make a reservation! there’s also outdoor alfresco area for dinning and evening drinks. I wouldn’t mind chilling out or unwinding down my day here if my office is nearby.. it has such a relaxing mood/feel to the whole place! ok. minus the loud natters by the diners. due to the crowd, the food took a while to come but the servers were all attentive in refilling our drinks, acceding to our needs and even go the extra mile to inform us that our food will be served next so it was a very pleasant experience!


I also didn’t manage to snap a picture of the team, and my attempts of snapping the birthday girl is constantly blocked by her hand. oh wells.


it was a nice, happy lunch. I wish we could do this more often!

Disclaimer: This Table Manners Restaurant review is solely for my own reference and a record of my personal dining experience with my friends. I am not compensated for this post in any other way.