the usual trio – andy, cindy and me met up for brunch last sunday (along with our significant other), mainly to bade andy farewell and ‘send him off’. this guy is moving overseas for a work stint and i think i’ll be missing his company. in a blink, its been almost 5 years since the 3 of us have met, worked together, became good friends and stayed in contact while we moved on in various stages of life. its nice seeing his 5-year plan materializing!

a half awake jerry at the table.


it was my first time at the fire station branch and frankly, we weren’t impressed at all. the service standards could have been a lot better, the wait staff could have been a little more attentive and make an effort to actually remember their acknowledgements and attend to their guests. it was hard getting the attention of the wait staff. when we finally did, we were acknowledged but not attended to. when we were attended to, our orders were not served and the server even mixed up our steak orders even though i double confirmed the doneness of the steaks and in the end, cindy and i had to swap our food after we both tucked into our steaks. frustrating. it took 3 attempts before 1 server to finally remember our request for kid cutlery, so you could imagine our frustration.

the big brekkie (both andy and der had this)

the british brekkie ordered by sijia.

cindy & me both had egg benedict with steak.

banana hotcakes for jerry.

everyone else had coffee, coffee lattes while i had iced lemonade and cindy had iced lemon tea. we were pretty bummed to be told our initial order of a jug of lychee iced tea was not available.


the food was pretty good, but nothing too spectacular. the hotcakes were soft and moist (and a little too sweet). i probably ate the most finishing up all of my food, a big chunk jerry’s pancakes and der’s gigantic sausage which he didnt like. and we still ordered desserts for sharing.

alaska bomb (meringue with ice cream centre)

double choc cake. this is a tad dry and hard to swallow and we didnt finish this.


throughout the brunch, everyone took turns to entertain jerry while jerome slept through it, waking up only once for milk.

my little cheeky boy

with andy

and cindy

choclolate stained face. someone has been stealing food!

chubby jerome enjoying his nap with a cute little pout.


sijia brought jerry outdoors to run/play and he got really hooked on the cars they have out there and refused to come back in.

riding it like a boss.

its even an all terrain vehicle as jerry dragged it from the patio down the concrete ground with a loud thump. errr..i think i got a reckless driver on my hands. der was super amused that he refused to stay on the patio and in the shade. me, i pity the car. it looks vintage to me.

hemming it up like a pro. and he hogs the car like he owns it. omg, i feel ashamed to hear that he refused to share with the rest of the kids who wanted to have a go. it took 4 adults to bring him back in and keep the car out of his sight.

my hot, sticky, sweaty baby. ok. he does look cuter with the rosy cheeks though.


and a picture to end off the brunch date. too short! i wish we have more time, meanwhile.. cindy & me are trying to plot a vacation to visit him while he’s there.

till we meet again!