it’s been almost 2 months since i headed back to work (gosh! has it been that fast?) and i’m honestly, honestly missing my mama friends and the tea-times and lunches that we used to have while we were all on maternity leave. yes, even if it means i had to drag 2 kids along with me.

so yeah. this post about me reminiscing about the happy times, and blogging all those happy pictures that i didnt managed to post here.

lunch with mich @ antoinette

i get reminded of Jerry when i see the logo. every. single. time. because he keeps pointing it to me and says “Ba Ba Sheep!!”

what michelle had and what i had. I think she’ll roll her eyes at me again for posting this and reminding her that she can’t have foie gras. but it’s ok. She’s due very very soon! within weeks, or days now depending on when baby sam wants to pop.

our dessert. yums.
we didnt manage to take a picture together, unfortunately. and jerome had a major poop job that day that stained all his clothes, my shorts and the armchair. OOps. (no, i’m not saying which chair it is but i really cleaned it all up and made sure it was alright!).

wild honey lunch @ mandarin gallery

this was with rach, vanessa and wenmei on one of our weekly lunches.

i remember being super famished that i ordered quite a bit to eat and this was part of my lunch.

i ordered 2 slices of cake after my main thereafter. yums.

and you bet, i am really missing those happy, fun, tai-tai wannabe lunches. well, it was good while it lasted and i still have fond memories to keep me happy. 🙂

now, what shall i eat for lunch today?

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