each year, my lovely boss will arrange for a team lunch at a lovely place for the team. it’s always a much-looked-forward-to event for me because there is always good food, we have a nice relaxing long lunch and gossip chit chat about the happenings in the office and pretty much chill around together.


this year, lunch is at symmetry, located at kudor street.

I loved how chill the restaurant exterior looked, and the team had fun posing with the decor.

me, looking rotund and terrible in pictures these days. my face is sooooooo round!

restaurant interior.  cosy little place with cute little touches here and there!

the menu. the stuff isn’t cheap, but it all came pretty and yummy. we sorta over-ordered on the carbo bit and couldn’t quite finish!


our starters.

1/2 dozen of baked oysters with champagne, spinach and herbs. me love. this was served on a bed of sea salt and it really gave the feeling that it was really fresh because you could literally smell the ‘sea’.

tomatoes. this was recommended by the server and came with mozzarella, black olive oil and Basil. simple dish, but completely delish. not the cheapest and value-for-money though with the price tag of $16 in my opinion so order only when you are a really into tomatoes and mozzarella.

scallops. this is the most expensive starter on the menu at $22 (for just 3 pieces) and came served with piquilos, cous cous,  squid ink, fennels and tomatoes. however this was really really fresh and juicy and if you could look past the price, this is worth the order.

love the simple touch of branding around the restaurant.

me digging into my succulent oyster.

Yakult sake. the team shared a flask of this. I had to steal a tiny sip just for taste. I don’t know why, but I seemed to be craving for alcohol for this pregnancy much!  it’s weird considering how long it has been since I stopped drinking.. or maybe that’s the reason why. heh. 

me juice. shucks. I can’t remember what it was but I think it was a strawbie (strawberry) lemonade.  totally refreshing served with a metal straw that had a scoop at the bottom for me to pick up the fruit bits. very interesting and refreshing to drink from a metal straw because you feel the cold on your lips before the cool liquid reaches your mouth.

madam. it’s a croque served with homemade ham terrines, gruyere, dijonaise and egg. we ordered 2 of these and the portion was huge! I kept picking on the fries.. because I had to avoid the raw egg.

chicken as main dish, served with fregola,  leek, baby spinach and mushroom ragout. this was average tasting only and we sent it back halfway through because some bits was still showing  blood and my colleagues all freaked out since I am preggers.  gotta love them for the love. we eventually got this waived off in our bill without us asking since we didn’t want a replacement, so I think that’s a plus point in terms of service.

prawn popcorn. I only had one piece. it’s crispy and nice but somehow the taste kinda throws me off so I blame the hormones for making me so taste/smell sensitive.

pesto linguine with crab, hazelnut and grilled zucchini, topped with loads of rocket leaves and grated cheese.

my orecchiette – Roma tomato confit and beef ragout, also served with a bunch of fresh rocket leaves and grated cheese.

seabass with charred peppers, olives, fennel & smoked  tomatoes. I couldn’t swallow this either since it tasted really fishy to me but it was polished off by everyone else so I guess it’s pretty good.


between the 6 of us, we polished off most of the above and ordered desserts to share!

matcha semifreddo with red bean. this is rich and good, but I am not a fan of things matcha except teas.

this is frivolous but we also love the wooden spoons that were meant to be used with the desserts. my first thought upon seeing them was.. it’s the perfect spoon to feed Jerry with! I guess being a mummy fill one with all thoughts relating to your baby!

mango panna cotta served with lemon sorbet. interesting presentation because I was expecting either a cup or just single pudding on the plate. this is an ultimate combo because the mango is very sweet and the sorbet super sour so much so that while I usually love things sour, I found the sourness a little unbearable.

peanut butter jelly. interesting blend of sweetness and saltiness. I am a huge fan of peanut butter but while I could taste the peanut butter, i find this whole combination a tad weird.

all three desserts at a glance.

it was pouring quite heavily when we polished off the desserts so the girls ordered coffee to while the time away.

and at the same time, frantically checking emails and replying the urgent ones via their mobile. 

it’s a lovely lunch. enjoyed myself much and I think I’ll bring der there one day. 

they also have a special Xmas menu if you are keen (oops! 2 days left). the item that really caught my attention was the foie gras. I have got really strong cravings for it for a long while!