Right this moment, I’m so full that I can’t quite move an inch. I’ll risk puking.

Serves me right for being soooooo greedy.
Had a nice dinner with Der at wahiro tonight. It was not planned, we happened to be in the area and wanted to have dinner before proceeding with our errands, and since Der haven’t been there, I thought I’ll bring him.

here’s the pictures galore. trying out the gorgeous cam on my new HTC One.

hopefully they are good enough to make you drool!

fresh sashimi. Der ordered a set meal that comes with a portion and I ordered an additional platter for myself..feels a little dumb when I realised the set meal portion is quite big.

foie gras sushi in the foreground, Portobello mushrooms with anchovy, and tempura ebi that comes with the set dinner.

the usual yellowtail fish that’s on my to-order list in any jap restaurant is out of stock so the server recommended another fish. I forgot what this is!

yakitori – green pepper stuffed with chicken, bacon with asparagus and pork belly cubes.

cod fish (part of the set meal) and more yakitori.. chicken glizzard and pork belly slices with rice cake.

duck liver stuffed with foie gras..

the place is pricey by my standards and I realised I didn’t take a picture of the cha soba that I ordered for Jerry!
the food is good but not to die for. for the price, give me sushi tei or sakuraya anytime. I think I did get a minor shock when I saw the bill. its more than
$150 actually..

don’t think I’ll be popping by again anytime soon..

p.s. the lj app on android sucks. even though its much faster, its frustrating to use as the images jumps all over when I want to insert then midway. formatting is a pain as well. or maybe its my phone.

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