my colleague brought me here for lunch one day and my oh my, I’m really surprised at this really simple, nice, chilled cafe in the midst of the industrial park work area that I work in. definitely a good place to escape to for an hour or two during lunch if you needed something to cheer up your work day.


and yes, you heard me right. its called tuckshop. nostalgic eh? doesn’t it all reminds you of our primary school days. ok. maybe not everyone but those around my age will know what I’m talking about.


and when I say its hidden, its an understatement. this place is a secret! it resides within an industrial building with no signboards or whatever on the outside, and its not even on the ground floor. its also hidden from the lift entrance when the lift door open on the 7th floor and I almost had the feeling my colleague was lying when I didn’t see the cafe. ok. I guess its not that secret after I blog about it.


it sure doesnt look much, but imagine working in an industrial area when lunch options are very much restricted to hot, rowdy coffee shops packed with people vying for seats, this place is haven.


it offers a simple menu of affordable soups, starters, sandwiches, salads, and a couple of main dishes like fish and chips, burgers and a good selection of desserts!


I was really really famished as we stepped out 1hr after our stipulated lunch time (my colleague’s meeting overrun) so I just ordered whatever caught my eyes and anxiously waited for the food so I can’t quite remember the exact names of what I ordered.


they also have various set meal combos available for selection which I found really helpful and flexible. like a soup & coffee/soft drink set and a soup & dessert set and some other combis. 1 of my colleague is a vegetarian and couldn’t take any of the soups so they gladly gave her a soft drink & dessert combo that wasn’t on the menu. I don’t do carbonated soft drinks and they had my drink changed to mineral water and that made me rather pleased. great service there if you asked me!

our soups – mushroom and potato soup. both are thick and creamy. the mushroom soup is very impressive considering the price, filled with shroomy goodness.

vegetarian burger for my colleague, filled with cheese, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms.

my potato salad laced with a generous topping of almond flakes (and garlic!) and my colleague’s coffee. I find it really cute that they serve the coffee with 2 tiny pieces of old school biscuits that I was really fond of as a kid.

my vegetarian sandwich. no where near my usual choices of food but at that moment, I really wanted to eat some grilled vegetables, especially the zucchini.

4 cheese sandwich. this is yummy! the portion is not small and I kinda regretted ordering the potato salad on the side cos I couldn’t finish everything! I was struggling with the food towards the end and decided I just had to waste half the plate of potato salad because there is no way I couldn’t even stuff an additional almond flake down my throat.

the cashier counter area with a quiant little baby chair as decoration and the kitchen area right behind.


I love the quote that they had there on the black board where it says..
I have been on a diet for 2 weeks and all I have lost is 2 weeks – totie fields


we all agreed that we’ll be back soon and I was super excited that although it’s a tad far, it is a walkable distance from my office!


tuckshop is located at:
178 paya lebar road #07-02
opening hours:
Mon – Fri 9.00am – 8.30pm
Sat – 9.00am – 4.00pm
Closed on Sundays.


if you do visit this secret haven, do tell what’s your verdict!