Jerry spent Christmas at a cookies baking class at TOTT! I almost forgot to jot this down but happen to chance upon some pictures on my flickr sets. We attended a really cool birthday party for Zachary 4th birthday. It was a cookie baking class and jerry’s first attempt at baking!

We were slightly late and when we got there, everyone has started!!

Each kid was given a tray, a lump of cookie dough, some chocolate chips, a paper hat and there were cookie cutters on the table for every one to share. Each table has about 6 kids on the table and there was sufficient space for everyone to hover around the table to make their cookies.

Jerry refused to wear the baker’s hat, so it went on my head instead. The little kid probably thinks its playdoh and kept kneading it instead. There were chocolate bits provided for the cookies (to be mixed into the cookie dough or to be used as decoration) but Jerry pops them into his mouth instead.

Cookie baking class at TOTT

Jerry bakes for the first time at TOTT.

Der chose the strawberry cookie dough, which smells yummy even before it went into the oven. It does look like its a popular choice at the worktable we were at!

Playdoh time with cookie dough

Jerry playing with the cookie dough like it is playdoh

While we were hard at work, the husband went around looking at the other little masters at work.. and here’s Zachary the birthday boy, looking like a totally cute baker.

Zachary the birthday boy, making chocolate cookies!

Zachary the birthday boy, making chocolate cookies!

Jerry totally engrossed in experimenting with his cookie dough.

Jerry totally engrossed in experimenting with his cookie dough.

and then, halfway through.. the boy lost interest and ran away…. leaving mummy to finish up the work. I had to make the cookies for him instead and didnt manage to take a picture of the final product since my hands were dirty and daddy was busy chasing the boy down with jerome in the baby carrier.

The cookies got popped into the oven when we were done with them and we moved on to grab some food. The cookies then got distributed in a metal tin towards the end of the party and looked really good as a gift! They smelt delicious and the truth is, we couldn’t stop popping them into our mouths!

Cookies from Jerry's TOTT baking class

Jerry’s cookies from the TOTT baking class


Yummy strawberry cookies!

Yummy strawberry cookies!

We really loved the idea of cookies baking class for a birthday party, one of the most interesting kids’ birthday party that we have ever attended thus far. Thank you for the invitation, Zachary! Jerry had a lot of fun, and so did we.

TOTT – 896 Dunearn Road, Singapore 589472 (+65 6219 7077)