these days, I bring my nephew out quite a bit when an opportunity permits since the 2 boys are quite pally and loves hanging out with each other. they are exactly 1 year apart (share the same birthday) and its quite cute looking at them.


this was one of those weekdays some weeks back, both the husb & I happened to be on leave so we trooped out and brought the kiddos to polliwogs! my cousin and husb chased the kiddos around while I spent 2 hours chilling at the cafe, reading. playing games and.. did a manicure. lol.

the finished product! she sings the blue by Deborah lippmann.. gorgeous, innit?

I was also the time keeper so when the time was up, i went in and rounded the kids.. and caught husb spinning around.

hmmm. even though he always complain how tiring it is to chase down jerry.. I secretly think he’s enjoying it..


we popped by brussel sprouts for some happy hour beer, mussels and fries!

the husb’s & cousin’s. argh. I couldn’t resist and stole a tiny weeny little sip. ahhh.. *in bliss*

our vin blanc and poulette mussels. I love love the poulette version. I didn’t take much of the vin blanc since the alcohol content seemed rather high. we had 2 servings of fries and were done for the day while the kiddos are all knackered out from the physical exercise earlier.

too heavy to be carried. kudos to the wait staff who gave us cushions to make the kid comfortable. I must applaud that they also provided me with a cushion for my comfort even before I sat down at the restaurant. ahh.. thank you for the thoughtfulness and pregnancy does have its perks!

too hot to be in stroller.. he cried halfway through his nap when he woke, drenched in sweat.


we ended the day popping by pine garden to grab a slice of my favourite pulut hitam cake before heading home.


I wish I had more days like that to spend with the husb!