last Saturday, we had to bring jerry to the paed for his vaccination and when we were done, it was only 930am so we decided to check out the newly opened polliwogs at Robertson. I'm usually not keen on visiting playgrounds/play gyms because I'm worried about the older rowdier kids within the same grounds, since kids usually go a bit uncontrollable when they are having loads of fun. however, I read that it was not as crowded since its newly opened and it had a separate toddler area so we decided to go check it out.

getting tagged. the service was good and since it was my first visit, the service staff explained all the cost involved as well as the package available. when she tag the kiddo and he tried to pry the tag away, she helpfully asked if he was uncomfortable, promptly cut the tag away and tag me instead. she also went on to explain the different sections of the play area for our reference.

the play area was huge! it helps that we were there early on a Saturday and there werent much people around. we brought jerry to the older kids area instead as the obstacles were a lot more complicated and fun. there were less than 5 other kiddos when we were there so it was great and we were mostly by ourselves.

conquering the slopes/steps on the way up.

observing his surroundings and wondering get to where mummy is.

climbing through the tunnel..

and heading back to.find daddy..

through another tunnel, chasing after the ball that Der threw around.

happy in the ball pit.

navigating around the toddler area.

on a slide for the first time. he very much enjoyed it.

while the older kids play area was huge and loads of tunnels and a rather complicated maze to move around, a large ball pit area, taller slides, a separate 'airgun' shooting area, a flying fox installation and a big water filled 'pool' to bounce and roll around, the toddler area has interesting installations to entertain the toddlers. I especially love the above 'piano' where jerry had fun pressing all the keys.

a maths equation one where jerry kept spinning the cubes.

madly at it. think there were also a maze, a puzzle of some sorts and an installation that featured the logic of gears spinning.

after I took these pictures, I chilled at the cafe area while Der accompanied jerry throughout the 2hrs play. I think Der enjoyed the playground as much as he does! but he did complain it was damn tiring to be pottering after the little kiddo. I also heard the small boy also went to 'hook up' some girls in the play area. heh.

we left promptly and headed home once the time was up. I reckon we'll be back soon!

the 2hr play session was 13 bucks with 2 accompanying adults for kiddos below 2 and $25 for older kids on weekends. weekdays is the same rate for toddlers and $20 for the older kids but comes with unlimited play. any additional accompanying adult is $5.

there are also value packages where is $65/$125 respectively for 7 unlimited sessions with $10/$20 cafe vouchers. this is much more worth the value if you are intending to pop back a few more times.

oh, socks is a must and do remember to bring along socks for everyone. it was an impromptu trip for us and we were ill prepared and ending up paying $3.50each for 3 pairs of socks!

if you do go check it out, let me know how you find it!

Polliwogs is located at the following locations:
East Coast Park
(1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-02, S449878)
Contact: 6442 285

Robertson Walk (11 Unity Street, #02-18/19, Robertson Walk, S238995)
Contact: 6737 0982

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