Lucky baby ave 2 stroller

Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy

Yes. My Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy review is here! I am all about stroller this week. I hope the ultimate stroller guide that i posted previously was helpful and allows you to evaluate your stroller purchase more effectively. I did though, realise that i somehow conveniently left out aesthetics as one of the factors to consider. So today, i am going to put the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy to the test – against all 17 factors that i listed on my stroller guide.

In case you didn’t know, Lucky Baby® is actually a home-grown heritage brand since 1979 (even older than i am!) and very recently launched their latest stroller – Lucky Baby Avenue 2TM Buggy.

Very thankful to be one of the lucky mummies that is given the chance to try it out firsthand.

Mum bloggers with Lucky Baby Ave Stroller.

Moms with Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy Stroller.
L to R: Mabel, myself, Irene, Edlyn & Cen-Ling

Here’s how the Avenue 2 buggy compares up..

Retailing at $149 (U.P: $199), this is one of the most value for money stroller that i have come across. Definitely very affordable by my standards fits easily into most (if not, all) budgets.

Stroller weight:
The buggy weights approximately 7.6kg and built with a sturdy aluminum frame and structure. It falls into the weight range where i can comfortable handle by myself so that’s a plus point!

5 pt harness on the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy

5-point harness on the Lucky Baby Stroller

5-point harness checked. I also like that the harness cannot be easily opened by the little hands and the straps doesn’t come off easily.

One hand opening & closing: 
This stroller weighs high on this. The stroller can be opened and collapsed easily while still carrying the baby. Mummy Irene demonstrates it on her blog.

Handles on Lucky Baby stroller

Handles on Lucky Baby Avenue 2 buggy

The Avenue 2 features 2 handles wrapped in sponges. While it is not a single bar handle, one can still easily navigate the stroller with these handles. There are also at a comfortable height for my 1.6m frame. One thing though, i’m not sure if these handles will last over time and stink with sweat accumulated on them. I’m likely to cover these up!

Lucky Baby buggy comes with front swivel wheels

Front swivel wheels with double back wheels for stability on the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy

Ease of maneuvering:
It comes with front swivel wheels and the ease of maneuvering is good on this one – steers easily and turns corner well. I can also easily scale on escalators and overcome curbs with this stroller. A BIG plus point because that’s what strollers are all about right? Makes life easy! It also offers shock absorption system which provides a smooth ride for the baby.

Reclining seats with on stroller with easy one-hand adjustments.

One hand recline system on the Lucky Baby Stroller with 3 recline positions to choose from.

Reclining seats:
It comes 3 different recline position, complete with full recline as one of the options. Perfect and what i really really like about it is that the seat recline easily with just releasing of the clip – Lift, recline and lock into place. ONE HAND operation is really cool, i tell ya.

Lucky baby Ave 2 buggy features central locking system!

Central locking system available on the Avenue 2 model!

Central locking system:
I declare this a mandate for all strollers! Haha. The Lucky Baby Ave 2  buggy does come with a central locking system that can be activate on either wheels. It’s love and i can just use my toes/feet to do the job!

I can’t quite vouch for this yet since i haven’t used it for years to count, but the aluminum frame does make the stroller feels sturdy and it feels pretty solid to wheel my kid around.

Leg rest fully adjustable to suit needs of baby

Adjustable leg rest on the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy

Ability to grow with child:
Full recline for babies – checked
Adjustable leg rest – checked
Holds weight up to 15kg.
I should be able to clock in at least a good 2 years of use on this stroller. At 3, Jerry can fit into it perfectly too!

The cloth bits of the entire stroller is removable and can be thrown into the washer. Perfect for the clean freak that i am when it comes to strollers!

Full canopy on Lucky Baby Ave 2 buggy

Lucky Baby Avenue 2 stroller spots full canopy to provide shelter

Availability of canopy:
While this buggy boast of a full canopy to provide shelter, i do find the canopy a little tiny and doesn’t extend all the way to cover the baby entirely. While this is good for shading the kid’s head/body away from the sun, which is not bad by average standards (better than no canopy right?) but i would definitely prefer a bigger canopy for better sun protection as well as for the rainy days.

Mesh opening in Lucky Baby Stroller's canopy

There is also a mesh opening in the canopy where it aids in ventilation, and acts as a peep hole for parents to check on their sleeping babies with a magnetic snap to keep the flap in place. Quite brilliant i must say.

Extra storage space on Lucky Baby stroller   Big pockets that fit all my necessary items to head out!

Storage basket:
You probably have noticed the storage basket in some of the pictures above. it’s a good size and if you have diaper bags that aren’t too huge, you can certainly placed it in there. My only grouse is that if the seat is in full recline position, the basket is rendered quite useless (cannot really take out or put in anything). But the saving grace is the extra pockets at the back of the stroller. I could fit in stuff that i need, water bottles, wet wipes etc that i constantly need access to. There is even a small concealed portion for me to dump in my wallet, keys and phones should i need to pop out nearby. Totally ease the need of carrying a bag for me.

Safety reflectors:
This is not seen anywhere on the stroller though. Would have been great if there were reflectors!

The stroller folds up umbrella style and i noted that there is a good distance between the canopy and the wheels and the risk of dirtying the canopy is minimized.

Lucky Baby Stroller collapse umbrella-style.

Umbrella fold when collapsing the stroller

front-safety-bar-lucky-baby-stroller Screen shot 2014-03-08 at PM 11.11.34The buggy also spots a front arm bar or safety bar that is moveable and removable when not required! Jerome rest his hands on it when he is in fully upright position and rest his legs when he is lying down drinking milk! Truly enjoying the stroller to the fullest, this kid. #notshy at all.

The stroller is also available in 2 different color combination – Blue/brown or black/beige, each spotting a different motif on the fabric. I personally love the black/beige version for the loud contrast and also easy maintenance since its afterall, black.


The husband is totally in love with this latest stroller because it is very similar to our first stroller – the mclaren techno xt (2009 model), but so many times more affordable. He also loves that its compact and takes up lesser boot space since we need to fit in 2 strollers into the car. In his own words, “so affordable and very value for money! I will definitely buy!”

Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy vs McLaren Techno XT

side by side comparison with our 1st stroller – Mclaren Techno XT

In summary, the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 stroller is really very worth the buy if you are looking for a buggy. While it is a little on the heavier side to travel overseas with it, it is a very sturdy and is able to withstand most wear and tear on a daily basis. It packs most of what i look for in a stroller – sturdiness, functionality and ease of usage with some minor misses which aren’t critical and easily overlooked by others. Definitely a big hit if you are budget conscious.

Despite the price, i must say the stroller doesn’t at all look or feel cheap. It is as good as my mclaren, but a lot more friendly on the pocket. I must say, i’m pretty impressed.

The Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy retails at a promotional price of $149 at OG & Metro now (don’t miss it!), otherwise it is usually priced at $199. For more information about Lucky Baby International, do check out their Facebook or website.

I hope you found this review helpful and do drop me a comment or two if you have any questions and i’ll be happy to answer them if i can. Meanwhile, enjoy the last bits of your weekend and till i blog again!

Disclaimer: I was being gifted a brand new Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy for reviewing purposes and no monetary compensation was received. All opinions and comments are of my own.