Cherieladie at OSIM uShape Bloggers Event, OSIM Headquarters

OSIM uShape Bloggers Event at OSIM Headquarters

I attended a OSIM uShape blogger event a month ago and everyone has been asking me about the OSIM uShape ever since i posted pictures of it on my social media platforms.

Is the OSIM uShape good? 

Is the OSIM uShape effective in losing weight?

Does the OSIM uShape really help in toning? 

Do you think the OSIM uShape is worth buying? 

If you are reading this post, you probably have the same questions right? After using for almost a month, I’m ready to answer those questions. and in gist, my answer is positive!

So, what exactly is the OSIM uShape? How can the uShape help in trimming fats? 

OSIM uShape is a full-body vibration exerciser that…

  • helps to burn off calories without exhaustive effort.
  • designed to achieve a full body workout with little time and effort
  • sends strong vibrations to the whole body which cause rapid contractions to all muscles = effective full body workout
  • results in increased muscle strength & improved circulation = body can burn calories faster/higher metabolism rate

When your metabolism increases, you will burn fat faster, even when you are not working out so it sure sounds like a great machine to lose some fats and tone up!

Cherie trying out the OSIM uShape for the first time!

Trying out the OSIM uShape for the first time ever.

First impression.

When i first got onto the OSIM uShape, my first thought was, “OMG! I have so much jiggly fats!”. I could literally feel all those flabby bits on specific parts of my body and it made me really self aware of how unfit i am. I spent many years of my life in competitive sports and running and the feeling of being toned felt really great. I’m sure im pretty far from it now. =(

We did an OSIM uShape workout and I could instantly feel the body burn within minutes into the workout. Felt really great thereafter. #motivatedtoworkoutnow

Thoughts after using for a month. 

I LIKE IT! I can feel the burn after each session. I like that it is in the convenience of my home and i can hop onto it at any time of the day, without the fear of disturbing my neighbours. The uShape is rather quiet compared to other activities like skipping rope and i can even do my workout in the wee hours after the kids are asleep. Perfect for time-starved mummies like me. you don’t even need to know about training exercises, just hop on and the exercise is on!

I like that I can get a full body workout and tone all my problem areas with the same machine – thighs, calves, tummy, arms, and butt. The uShape has 3 different modes – circulation, firm and strengthen and with 3 different standing positions to choose from as well as both auto or manual modes, you can surely find something to suit your workout needs.

P.s. I really need to bust that muffin top!

It also allows me to do low-impact workout, and my knees are especially thankful for it. I can hardly take all that pounding on the tarmac anymore these days without killing my joints.

Stretching out my hamstrings on the OSIM uShape

Stretching out my hamstrings on the OSIM uShape

The OSIM uShape also allows me to do stretch training, spot training and strength training! I like that i can use the OSIM uShape to help me stretch my hamstring, an issue that i battle with every single day since the day i tore my knee ligament and had a ACL repair operation. Spot training allows me to work on the problem areas i have, tackling them one by one and focusing on the areas that bug me the most. Have mostly been doing stretch and spot training at the moment and hoping to move on to the strength training soon!

Stretch Training, Spot Training & Strength Training on OSIM uShape

Osim uShape stretch & spot training positions

Lazy workout done while watching the TV.

Using the OSIM uShape while watching TV!

For lazy days. I like that on the days where i am slightly lazy and just want to chill, i can sit down, watch the TV and just turn on the OSIM uShape to tone my calves and thighs, just by placing my legs on it. It is also a cellulite buster! Toned, slim legs, i can’t wait.

Watching the osim ushape workout video and following it.

Following the OSIM uShape workout video on youtube

I like that they have a workout video on youtube that i can follow!! So ingenious. Admit it. How often do we buy some equipment and use it and not sure if we are using it correctly and eventually deem it ineffective? I just loaded the youtube video on my smart tv and viola! As though im taking classes in a gym. 8 mins a day and im on my way to being more toned!

Here’s the OSIM uShape Body Shaper Workout video that i am talking about!

I get hyped up by just listening to the music these days. Heh.

Totally enjoying the 8 minute uShape workout daily.

Totally enjoying the 8 minute uShape workout daily.

I have yet to try the resistance cord system, but i like that there is an option to intensify the workout routine for a more challenging workout.

My OSIM uShape neatly stowed under my TV console!

My OSIM uShape neatly stowed under my TV console!

I love that its portable and slender as compared to other work-out equipment and i can easily tow it away after use so that the kids wont be jumping on it or tripping over it. The weight is also manageable for me and i don’t need to trouble the husband to help with it.

Osim ushape allows the convenience of a remote control to change settings in mid workout.

Convenience of a remote control to change settings in mid workout.

One can also control the mode and speed on the uShape via remote control. No need to get down on my knees to stop or adjust the modes mid workout. Remote control really makes things a lot easier!

Heck! You can even practice singing on it!

OK. I was really joking about the singing part. Don’t take me serious ok? As you can see, Jerry has loads of fun on the OSIM uShape. Every time the husband and i try to get on it when he is around, he pulls us down and goes.. “Mama! it’s MY TURN!”, jumps onto it and proceeds to hog it like FOREVER. #truestory

So, what do i not like about it? 

I honestly, honestly, can’t think of any. Even the husband is pretty impressed and asked me about actually buying a set for keeps. I’m not biased, #iswear! If there is any, i think it would be the price tag! But fret not, the OSIM uShape currently retails at a special introductory price of $699 (usual price $1,288) and is available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online. They are also giving away a Xndo half calories meal – Black Pepper Fish & Milk Tea – with every purchase of the uShape so quick go grab one now if you are keen.

So, do i find the OSIM uShape effective? Yes! 

It is effective as a tool to help tone and achieve a better build. It helps burn calories faster than traditional exercises with the vibration  but i maintain the notion that “you are what you eat”! You still need to watch your meals and ensure that the amount of calories burnt per day exceed the amount that you take in. And just one piece of advice from me – don’t be obsessed over the numbers on the weighing scale. No weight loss does not necessary mean that there’s no progress.

Fats are lighter than muscles so what you want is to gain muscles which in turn helps in metabolism rate! Just use the weight as a guideline but don’t fret if the numbers doesn’t budge. Trust your own instincts on how great your body is feeling or use weighing machines that allows you to measure the % of body fats to be really sure.

With all that, all you need is a CAN DO attitude and we are on our way to great bods.

And while i’m at it…and the fact that CNY is just over, i’m just gonna scare you a bit on what you might have taken in during this festive period. Have you been bingeing on these CNY goodies? Here’s the scary bit.. do you know….

Estimated time to burn off the Yusheng (361kcal/serving) on uShape is 42 mins. (did i say 42 mins?!)

I know right? I have had 7 loheis already and ate multiple servings at each one. That’s at least 5 hrs of exercise to be done! #fatdieme but it’s a once a year thing so eat first, uShape later!

CNY goodies and snacks!

CNY goodies and snacks. Yums!
Bak Kwa (229 kcal/1 slice), estimated time to burn off on uShape – 17 mins
Pineapple Tarts (164 kcal/2 pieces), estimated time to burn off on uShape – 13 mins
Love Letters (112 kcal/2 pieces), estimated time to burn off on uShape – 9 mins

Did anyone realise how *evil* these CNY goodies are? Look at those calories that we have taken in the CNY season! i have popped way too many pineapple tarts and definitely gonna turn to my OSIM uShape to save the waist!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in the OSIM uShape, you can pop down to the OSIM stores or roadshows to check them out. There will also be True Fitness instructors will be demonstrating uShape workouts at various venues around Singapore and you can check out the demo schedule on OSIM SG Facebook Page.

Also, I’ll be happy to share my more of my personal experience on the uShape if you have any questions that you might want to ask. Just drop me a comment and i’ll try to answer them to the best that i can!

Also, if you have found the post useful and knows of someone who is thinking of buying a uShape, do share the post with them! Thanks in advance! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do also check out the other products/brands that I have reviewed previously, or read about my latest posts. Till I post again, have a good week ahead!

Update (22 July 2014): I recently shot a OSIM uShape TVC with 2 other mummy bloggers and it was broadcasted on prime time tv. Read all about my tvc shoot experience too!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review by OSIM and i received a loan set of OSIM uShape for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts (and jiggly fats!) are of my own!