The Shape Run has somewhat become special and iconic for us as a family. We have been participating every year since my Jerome is still a baby in a stroller. He is now a 4.5yo and finishes the run by himself with gusto. How far we have come!

This year is our 3rd 1.8km Family Run. Read about our previous 1.8km family runs in 2016 & 2015. The boys were super excited once they knew about it. They even know the drill when we picked up our Skechers shoes from the store and has been really excited about getting medals for their race. I know, strange motivation they have there (must be my ex-athlete genes).  They have also grown to be quite different individuals now, so I wasn’t too surprised that they each picked a pair of shoes of their own liking.

The chill one vs the cheeky one.


The shoes colours totally reflect their personality!

UntitledThe boys totally dig their shoes and constantly pick them as the de facto choice each time we step out of the house, so much so I sometimes had to make them put it back and wear sandals… like when we were making a trip to the swimming pool!


Each year, the boys make some progress in the Family Run. This year, it was awesome in my books. Zero whining, loads of determination (and perspiration), and both boys finished the race ALL BY THEMSELVES. There were times where they were visibly tired, but they just ploughed on without complaining and stopping. Only the occasional “are we reaching already?” questions from them. I have to applaud them and was really mega proud. Jerome is very capable of doing meltdowns but he lapped it all up during the race. Here’s them dashing by themselves with me hot on their heels!


All smiles during the run too! 


And we crossed the finishing line! 

UntitledThe boys couldn’t open their eyes because their perspiration happened to drip into their eyes and it was too stinging to open them properly. Nonetheless, it was a race well run. It was not a competitive run but the husband noted that we came in under 20 mins. I reckon that’s an achievement for the boys. Even I was perspiring non stop!

Happy boys and their well-deserved medals! Untitled

The Choos (Shape Run 2017)

This year, I chose the Skechers GORUN Ride 6 for my run. It was a tough choice between this and GORUN 5 but I eventually chose this for the lightweight cushioning support and my feet feels more secure and comfortable in this mould. I really like this pair of shoes and am going to use it for all my travels next. All the walking that I have to do on travels, my feet is so going to thank me.

The husband, on the other hand chose Skechers GORUN 5 for the race, purely for aesthetic reasons. He liked how the shoe wraps his feet snugly and that it is nicer than the rest of the designs. I had to concur on the design part! That was why I took a really long time to decide which pair to get.

So we have the Shape Run 2017 done and dusted. The boys are already asking me when they can run in the same race again. Next year, my boys. Meanwhile, time to start them on some serious run training! Thank you Skechers for the sponsorship and love!

Now. Please excuse me while I go get busy with life filled with work, fun and laughter. And oh, travels… in a few hours! Catch me on my Instagram to find out what I am up to off to next!

Disclaimer: The Choo family has been sponsored for Shape Run 2017 as well as the cool sneakers that we were all rocking in during the race. All photographs, comments, opinions and cute kids are of my own unless otherwise stated.