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It’s the week of school holidays! Still not sure where to bring your kids to or haven’t started planning? I would totally recommend Disney On Ice! The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice in here in Singapore and runs from 15 – 19 March 2017 for 10 performances at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Don’t miss it!

My boys caught their first Disney On Ice performance this week! They have been so excited and have been asking me to bring them to the show after watching the advertisements on TV. Big thanks to the team at Disney on Ice, the boys are now able to make their wishes come true!


They have been so excited about it and kept asking me every day if that day was the day we were going to watch. I had to sit them down, and teach them about dates and help them count down the number of days. Just one day before the show, Jerry told his teachers that he won’t be attending school the next day because his parents are bringing him out and it warranted a very worried teacher to call and verify if Jerry is really skipping school! #truestory Of cos, he was not skipping school! Lessons are still important! Der & I had a good laugh though.


The boys really, really love the show and sat mesmerised throughout. Okay, not really. There were some parts where they were so excited, they were screaming away in excitement. I love the clever part on how Mickey & his friends – Minnie, Donald and Goofy took a trip down the memory lane and introduced the other Disney classics – Finding Dory, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Rapunzel, Aladdin and my personal favourite – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!! Hi ho! Hi Ho! I bobbed along with the music when they made their appearance! Here’s some highlights I caught on my phone and read on to find out about my favourite part of the show.

Disney On Ice - Lion King

Lion King

Disney On Ice - Aladdin & Genie

Aladdin & Genie

Disney On Ice - Seven Dwarfs

Seven Dwarfs

Disney On Ice - Snow White & the Witch

Snow White & the Witch

Disney On Ice - Finding Dory

Finding Dory

Disney On Ice - Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

So, what exactly did my kids say about the show?

Jerry: My favourite is the Lion King! I like the part where the wildebeests surround the lion and the lion die.
(Sounds a little morbid, but it was indeed a pretty sight to watch with many characters all moving around in sync.)

Disney On Ice - Lion King - Wildebeest crossing

Lion King – Wildebeests crossing

Jerome: I like to see Mickey Mouse when he opens the treasure chest. Hmmm..guess who is my favourite? It’s a secret!
(Shhh…. it’s Rapunzel because she is very, very pretty. *chuckles*)

As for me, I especially love the FROZEN part of the show! Obvious reasons – it’s girly stuff, I love the music & the super cute Olaf, the SNOW (!!) (yes, you read me right), fireworks etc. It felt so magical with the snowflakes drifting in the air above our heads and the kids stretching out their hands and trying to grab it in squeals, only to catch nothing.




Disney on Ice - Frozen




When the show ended, we all didn’t want to go and wanted more. Today, the boys even asked me whether we might be heading back to watch Disney On Ice again! I guess it left quite an impression on them!

And the funniest thing was, I bumped into my bestie, Belle! It was such an coincidence because we both caught our first Disney on Ice in 2005! We were both looking so young then!

There is a few more shows left till the end of the week if you are keen! Tickets can be purchased from www.sportshubtix.sg, with family friendly tickets starting at $25 online. Enjoy the rest of the March holidays!

Disclaimer: We received an invitation to watch Disney on Ice. All opinions and thoughts are of my/our own.