White as milk

Some of you might have noticed a cute little button of a little boy with a diaper on his head at the right navigation of my blog. a while back, i got to know of White As Milk and is pretty intrigued by the concept. It’s an online store, but not your usual clothes, bags or accessories that one would usually expect.

it’s an online store for mummies (or daddies) to get usual supplies for their babies. heck. it’s more than an online store. you can subscribe (!!) for your supplies and it gets delivered to your doorstep. for free! think diapers, milk, wet wipes, feeding accessories, toys and even bathing necessities!

and i like that the site addresses one issue that i face in my parenting journey. it reduces the fuss and tiring job of having to get out there to grab diapers & milk and struggling to bring them back home. with. a. kid.

Have you ever tried buying diapers & groceries at the supermarkets with a kid in a stroller and struggling to head home with all that bulky stuff alone? i have. and i remembered taking a picture of the scenario and sharing with my friends how much it was a struggle to lug everything back myself (yes, despite the situation.. taking a pic and sharing it was how i coped with it). and i walked 10 mins from the mall back home, with a sleeping toddler (i even placed a small pack of diapers on him) and sweating beads because of the weight and difficulty in navigating the stroller with bulky diapers hanged on the stroller handles and in my arms. I was lucky my kid was sleeping and wasnt screaming his head off or struggling to get out at that point in time. and i haven’t even mentioned the queues at the supermarkets. I wanted to share the said pic but i couldnt find it! oh wells. Mums/dads who have been in the same situation would know exactly how i felt.

so yeah, White As Milk lets you subscribe to diapers and delivers them to your door step, without even you making a trip out! And you’ll never run out of milk because you can subscribe them on a monthly basis and all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for the items to be delivered on your schedule date. how cool is that?

it is especially useful for parents who don’t own a car! and the diapers are not expensive at all. in fact, they are rather competitive considering that its delivered to your door step. If you subscribe, there is even a permanent discount that you can enjoy. i also like the fact that subscription has no min. commitment required. you can cancel the subscription or change the order at any time. it’s really pretty cool.

it helps that the website design is simple to navigate, and really cute to look at! LOL.

good things must share, so i am sharing it with all of you mummies and daddies out there (and whoever is reading my blog). i feel it really can be quite a time saver, especially if you are a full time working mum/dad, just like me.

so yup. so check it out.

they also have an interesting blog to boot!

p.s. this isn’t an advertorial and i wrote this out of my own goodwill. I truly do feel that it is a good service for parents and with the subscriptions, you’ll never forget and run into a situation of stock out. and because i so believe in them, i joined as an ambassador and if you click through them from my blog and ordered something, i’ll get a really, tiny, weeny bit of loyalty points being accredited into my account. 🙂

I just need to add a cute baby pic so that this post isn’t that boring!

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