The husband and I are still in a midst of a Shell FuelSave Challenge and I must say, it’s been rather challenging thus far. Partly because the husband travels to M’sia for work every day (yup, you heard me right) and he spends an average of at least 2 hours in traffic jams daily. The start, stop, start, stop car behaviour in traffic jams just kills our chance of being fuel efficient! Nonetheless, we are still trying really hard and just being really conscious with our driving bearing in mind the Shell FuelSave Tips!

Shell FuelSave log Card

Here’s a snapshot for our log card thus far. It probably pales against most people’s results, but we are happy with them for now because we know we used to be much worse, like at 7.5 to 7.8km/l? The fuel efficiency would also be dependent on the make of the car, the traffic conditions that one would be in, the driving habits and a whole lot of other factors, so there is really no one else to compare to other than yourself.

There has been a whole lot of changes since the start of the challenge and here’s some that i thought it might be worth sharing.

Smoother journey – I noticed that the husband drives a lot smoother these days and aren’t slamming on the brakes or braking last minute or zooming in and out of lanes. It’s good news for me because I suffer badly from motion sickness and I often feel sick with all the jerking that I request to take over the wheels. Guess what? I feel SO MUCH better these days (i have so much to thank Shell for)!

Cherie inflating tyres

Checking and inflating our tyres regularly – We now do it on a weekly basis and its kinda fun. Eh, truth to be told, I never inflate the tyres before (always relegates it to the husband to do it) but ever since we took up the challenge and gained the awareness that it helps in fuel efficiency, I started inflating the tyres as well! Do you know you can check on required tyre pressure at the side of your driver’s door? Well, i #learnnewthingseveryday. Am pretty sure a lot of you don’t know it too, so i am sharing. And you are welcome.

Spring cleaning the car – We also did a spring clean of the car and cleared out the junk that conveniently left in the car for ages but have no use for. Random bags, shoes, books, CDs and toys. Every bit of excess weight removal helps in achieving fuel efficiency.

Prevent excess idling – We are making a conscious effort in this. The husband have to keep reminding me on the days he picked me up from work NOT to keep him waiting or that he would stop, park his car somewhere and have me walk over to where he is. If you are waiting for someone, it is best to turn off the engine to conserve fuel!

That’s all the updates I have for now with regards to the challenge, and i’ll share more in time to come. Meanwhile, i have really exciting news!

Win free fuel (credit: Shell)

You can now get more value out of Shell with their Win with Shell promotion! If you spend a minimum of $50 on Shell fuels and find the following logo at the back of your receipt, Shell with match the amount you spent, dollar for dollar, rounded up to the nearest $10. You’ll get double the winnings if you paid with your Citibank credit card! Promotion is valid from 19th May to 13th July 2014. Conditions apply.

Win With Shell promotion message

2o lucky winners will stand to win extra $100 worth of Shell Fuels Vouchers if they snap a photo of themselves to share the joy of winning. More details on Shell’s promotional website. Good luck. I am hoping I will be one of them lucky winners as well!

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Disclaimer: I was invited to take part in the Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge and have received fuel vouchers in return to complete the challenge. All thoughts and opinions and vehicle(s) used for the challenge are of my own.