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conversations with the husband #4 and #5

By |December 8th, 2013|

Conversations with the husband #4

Quick update: My little chub chub is still sick and running the possibility of a hospital admission. sigh. We are gonna nebulize him for 2 days in hope he gets better else we will be reporting to the hospital for admission. I do hope that doesn’t happen. it’s bad enough that both kids are sick and we blew 600+ at the doc’s today.

mean while, I haven’t recorded the funny conversations with the husband for a while so here’s one.

(I saw a really cute girl on the streets and wished I could have a girl..)
me: if we had a girl, would you dote on the girl more as compared to the boys?
der: no. I’m impartial. I will dote on whoever is obedient.
me: you sure? but daddy always dote on their daughters isn’t it? I thought there is a saying… (me trying to recall)
der: …that daughters are […]

Salt Tapas and Bar Singapore

By |September 16th, 2013|

Salt Tapas and Bar Singapore
252 North Bridge Road
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6837 0995

on our 3rd wedding anniversary, der suggested that we head out for a nice dinner. I wanted some vino for the occasion and suggested Salt Tapas & Bar for the occasion. It was the first restaurant that came to my mind that day.

Salt Tapas & BarSalt Tapas & Bar by Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan
when i first chanced upon the exterior of this restaurant, i made a mental note to try it one day. It has a pretty cool exterior that left quite an impression. I tried to make a reservation on the actual day but it was full and we had to do walk-in. We weren’t particular about the seating and was given a bar seat after a while. the restaurant was packed with people, and it was particularly noisy to […]

12.9.2013 The day we celebrate our wedding anniversary & wedding traditions

By |September 15th, 2013|

der helping to lay my long train beautifully, just before we enter the ballroom for our march-in 3 years ago.
a few days ago, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Has it really been 3 years? Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to us!

Life has been really good. 3 years is neither short or long, but we have done so much, spent most days together (other than the days either of us is travelling), started our own family, built our own nest, and survived through squabbles and fights. and by fights, i meant pillow fights because we hardly, ever go to bed angry with each other. sure, it’s aint perfect.. but is the journey that all matters. the fun, the laughter, the joys and the sorrows that we will share on this journey of marriage together. and sure, we change. but we learn something new about each other every […]

conversations with the husband #3

By |July 9th, 2013|

Conversations with the husband #3

after a super frustrating bedtime routine with a toddler who simply refused to sleep for > 2 hours.. my tempers were flaring and I really was on the verge of strangling him or giving him away to another family. I was so tired, super sick and I badly wanted to grab some rest. so after loads of struggles, cries, whines, disciplinary acts and hugging daddy’s leg. I ignored him for the longest time and he fell asleep.  in the above position, over my blanket but under my bolster.


daddy and I finally sat down to have dinner at close to midnight, packed his school bag for tomorrow, washed the dishes and the milk bottles, bathe (the weather is killing) and now, I’m being the ‘milk maid’ while typing this.


the kid is still in the same position, sleeping.


me: tonight was a frustrating […]

conversations with the husband #2

By |April 17th, 2013|

Conversations with the husband #2.

so, we have been shopping non stop every weekend or on the days the husb gets to leave work earlier for the home. furniture, appliances, toilet accessories, basins, faucets, lightings or some times, just for ideas and inspiration.

while browsing in a furniture shop one day and spotting a wardrobe that has anti-slam door systems and drawers..

c: woah! i like!
d: what you like about it?
c: the doors and the drawers of the wardrobe, all fitted with the anti-slam thingy. i think we must have that in our house for our wardrobes (we have only planned to have it in the kitchen thus far)
d: why? kitchen have good enough what.
c: hmmm.. i see it as marriage maintenance. you know. if anyone of us gets angry, we can’t slam the doors/drawers no matter what. even if you really slam, no sound at all. the other party won’t get […]

conversations with the husband #1

By |April 9th, 2013|

am starting this series of “conversations with the husband” to jot down the funny snippets of conversations between the husband and me. I find some of the conversations that we have totally wacky, and some times, just plain irritating. should be fun noting them down.

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[was sharing with husb on a girlfriend who had to hint very very hard for the bf to give her a bouquet of flowers]

c: what is it that guys dont get about sending flowers to their girlfriends? (actually indirectly directing the message to husb as well)
d: hmmm… [silence]
c: aiyah, i know already. next time i don’t bother hinting. i should just go select my bouquet of flowers and then enter your credit card details. so much easier, and confirm the bouquet i will like!
d: wah! that’s daylight robbery.
c: no what. it saves you all the trouble you know? and […]

the boy versus the girl.

By |July 6th, 2011|

the boy and me had quite a few movie dates ever since Jerry was born, all thanks to my mum who babysits Jerry while we sneak out for our movie dates, and some times, just to spend some twosome moments together.

yesterday, since the boy was on leave to take baby to the pediatrician, we popped out for a late afternoon movie – transformers: dark of the moon.

well, as usual.. we always talk about the movie after. stop reading if you havent watched the movie. spoilers ahead!

when the mercedes SLS AMG made its debut appearance in the movie.. der turned over and said, that’s the bad guy (i.e. decepticons) . i continued watching the movie and thought – how does he know?! (well, he was spot on!)

at the end of the movie (of cos i didnt ask during the movie), i asked the boy how he knew. he said.. he […]

Day 4 in Bali – Dining in Bali (Last day of Babymoon)

By |February 7th, 2011|

Weird that I am finishing up my babymoon episode faster than the honeymoon episodes because the Europe trip has many more days to go and there’s just too many details because we were out and about everywhere and it takes a while to write while the bali trip has been nothing but food (dining in bali), eat, sleep and swim.

On our last full day in Bali, we headed for lunch at wah wah burger, a restaurant that serves wagyu beef burgers and apparently is one of the most expensive burgers available or that many people has eaten. I do agree with the price tag (that’s it’s exorbitant)!

That’s the menu..

Unfortunately, no wine for me.

The restaurant had simple chino-chic decorations that simple and loud at a corner while the rest of the shop looked like a simple western restaurant that’s good for chilling out. A […]

Day 3 in Bali.. Our Bali vacation –

By |January 28th, 2011|

It’s my 2nd attempt drafting this and I do hope my phone app doesn’t have any error and eat up my Bali vacation entry like the last time!

We had out for lunch in the late afternoon after a short swim. That typically has been our routine for the days spent in Bali.. I was craving for some local food and the cafe (Brasserie & Lounge) that we had lunch the day before do serve them so we headed back there!

My caramel mikshake and the standard cola for der. It was a bad mistake because I think I felt sick right after all that milk on a near empty stomach! The in-villa breakfast was really nothing to shout about and talking about it… I totally didn’t snap any picture of it of the 4 different breakfast I had!

Der’s portobello mushroom sandwich […]

Life in Bali – Vacation location for Babymoon

By |January 8th, 2011|

This Bali vacation is considered one of the most unplanned trip I ever had. I mean, I was planning for a trip and I knew I had to get away before I couldn’t travel at all. It was also the boy’s birthday and I wanted to plan a surprise… But I guess planning surprises doesnt really work hand in hand with my work schedule.

Ever since I got back from the honeymoon.. I have been smacked right into the flurry of activities at work.. Everyone started going on leave, clearing all their leaves before the year ends and it was especially bad, because my co had had the policy of allowing one to carry forward whatever leave you had remaining, but they are stopping it with effect from 2010 and by dec 2010, we can only carry forward 10 days… So everyone was in a hurry to clear ALL their […]