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Team Lunch @ Rokeby

By |July 1st, 2013|

my team had a long overdue team lunch last friday for the june babies. and an unexpected farewell lunch for beverly who left the team rather abruptly.

lunch was at rokeby! we always try to go to a different restaurant each time and it was my first time here (though i have been to fat cat which is along the same stretch).

The restaurant had a simple, casual decor that was very easy to feel relaxed in. our team of 12 had a small little room to ourselves and we were joking that it felt like a birthday party in mcd (like the olden days).

the team! there was a reorg lately in the office and my team has expanded quite a bit.

L to R: sharon, xueli, lorraine, eyleen

L to R: nick (wu), xiuhui, jena, beverly

Healthy dining starts with ONAKA.

By |May 31st, 2013|

when i first heard about ONAKA, i was pretty blown away.

what?! a “no white bread, no white rice, no white sugar” policy?! all-natural ingredients without artifical additivies, chemicals, colorings, flavourings, MSG and trans-fats?? AND 50% of the menu is vegetarian?

that sounds like planting roses on mars – impossible. but it is impossibly true.

I was invited some weeks back to a food tasting session with ONAKA, short form for Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts. I’m guessing the ‘kitchen’ bit stems from ONAKA’s history where it first started out as a cooking school, but that’s not the important part. the important part is the food. The restaurant serves “Conscious Cuisine” – a merger of of asian culinary cultures and traditions with modern western influence with ONLY wholesome and selective organic ingredients.

it sure doesn’t sound like the food can be any delicious right? Truth is, i have […]

the french ladle.

By |April 22nd, 2013|

the french ladle
2 pandan valley (inside pandan valley condominium)
#01-206 (s) 597626
for reservations, call 6467 7505


opening hours
tue – fri: 12-3pm (lunch), 6-10pm (dinner)
sat: 10am-3pm (brunch), 6-10pm (dinner)
sun: 12-3pm (brunch), 6-10pm (dinner)
closed on mondays


i read about the french ladle some time back and have been wanting to check it out for a while so i jumped at the chance on saturday morning when der asked me what to eat.


i have been raring to try their foie gras only to realise that they serve brunch menus on weekends and foie gras is only available for dinner. bummer! guess i only had myself to blame for not doing any research prior or making any reservation.


the french ladle is a small, laid back and cosy restaurant with only a few tables (30 seater) so i would really […]

sunday brunch at spruce

By |March 26th, 2013|

the usual trio – andy, cindy and me met up for brunch last sunday (along with our significant other), mainly to bade andy farewell and ‘send him off’. this guy is moving overseas for a work stint and i think i’ll be missing his company. in a blink, its been almost 5 years since the 3 of us have met, worked together, became good friends and stayed in contact while we moved on in various stages of life. its nice seeing his 5-year plan materializing!

a half awake jerry at the table.


it was my first time at the fire station branch and frankly, we weren’t impressed at all. the service standards could have been a lot better, the wait staff could have been a little more attentive and make an effort to actually remember their acknowledgements and attend to their guests. it was hard […]

the hubby’s birthday.

By |January 13th, 2013|

I didn’t plan anything special. at all. I didnt even buy a present. ha! I am such a terrible wife right?


the husb warned me beforehand that he doesn’t want any surprises that requires me to splurge. no fancy cake, no meals that would cost hundreds and all. so I guess not that bad afterall by his expectations.


he also decided to work on his birthday (Mon) so there was really not much time for me to plan  anything.


the weekend before, we popped over to expo furniture sale to check out the furnitures for fun, since we’ll be getting our home soon and had lunch at table manners at changi city point.

my son Jerry sure has some fantastic table manners here.

mushroom soup. it was a tad oily. it was definitely better when I tried it the first time I was there.

I love the […]

the christmas team lunch

By |December 23rd, 2012|

each year, my lovely boss will arrange for a team lunch at a lovely place for the team. it’s always a much-looked-forward-to event for me because there is always good food, we have a nice relaxing long lunch and gossip chit chat about the happenings in the office and pretty much chill around together.


this year, lunch is at symmetry, located at kudor street.

I loved how chill the restaurant exterior looked, and the team had fun posing with the decor.

me, looking rotund and terrible in pictures these days. my face is sooooooo round!

restaurant interior.  cosy little place with cute little touches here and there!

the menu. the stuff isn’t cheap, but it all came pretty and yummy. we sorta over-ordered on the carbo bit and couldn’t quite finish!


our starters.

1/2 dozen of baked oysters with champagne, spinach and herbs. me […]

brunch ay canopy with the cousins.

By |December 9th, 2012|

last weekend, the cousins and me planned for brunch! it wasnt so much the food but more for the kiddos to get together and us just gathering together.

my nephew Levon trying to hold Jerry’s hands so he doesnt run about while the husb keeps a watchful eye.

my cheeky son trying to take off.

xsilly joined us and he has a playdate too!

having a ride on Donald! lol.


it was my first time at canopy and I didn’t realised that there were a lot more indoor seats within in an adjacent restaurant building that belongs under the same management. I love that we were tucked in a small cosy corner in our own, but still had relatively prompt service.


everything on the menu looks pretty tempting and we wanted to try almost everything on the menu!

husb’s mushroom burger – a big […]

good luck lunch at medz.

By |November 10th, 2012|

so many familiar faces are leaving at my work place. almost every other week, someone left or there are news of people leaving, many of which without a job.


had a good luck lunch with serene the other day. I refused to call it goodbye/farewell. I’m sure we’ll meet and keep in contact!


lunch was at medz at millenia walk.. it was a little like marche style of dining concept, but with the food offerings based on 8 cuisine stations – Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean stations.

French onion soup, it was bland and in my honest opinion, not worth the money or the stomach space. I could barely taste any hint of onion taste.

rosti. I prefer the ones at marche!

my pork belly. I didn’t finish this either. the meat portion was a little dry, tough and the piggy scent was a […]

a happy lunch at Table Manners Restaurant!

By |October 26th, 2012|

We picked Table Manners Restaurant to celebrate a colleague’s birthday in advance today since some of the team is on leave next week (me included).


lunch at table manners @ changi city point.

Table Manners Restaurant Review

love the ambience, super chillax and it doesn’t feel like a working day at all!

I love all the small little details and touches, the table settings, serviettes with bow ties and interesting quotes pertaining to table manners plastered at unsuspecting corners, greeting you and teasing you.. its quite entertaining to glance around the restaurant reading the little quotes.

a feature wall indoors.


I didn’t manage to take a picture of the table manners menu but I love the concept that the set meals are a mix and match of any items […]

belated birthday dinner treat..

By |September 16th, 2012|

met up with jen during the week for dinner. a belated birthday treat for me.. because we haven’t found the time to have dinner proper. we met up quite late because I was stuck in a meeting past hours and even though I still had loads to clear, I dropped everything and left cos I was more than an hr late..


dinner was at pietro ristorante italiano (12 jalan kelulut, tel: 6484 5528), a French semi-fine dining in the heartlands. I chose the place for its proximity and because I have read about it and been wanting to try it for ages.

a single serving of foie gras as starter. they don’t serve this on the menu as a starter, only as part of a main course, but i was craving for some (though I think I’m not allowed to do liver products) and they were flexible enough to […]