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brunch @ house.

By |August 19th, 2012|

last Sunday, I met the usual duo (andy and Cindy) for brunch. its been a long while since we met!

Andy proposed house @ Dempsey and I havent been there for brunch so we gamely agreed.

Der & me were late. mainly cos we took a while to prep the bub who was cranky and nearing his nap time, and I couldnt head into the bathroom at all after Der left for home to wash up so I had to wait for him to return before I could prep. its still quite a logistical nightmare each time we head out when my mum isn’t home because Der doesn’t stay in the same house at me yet. am so looking forward to the days we get our keys. things would be much easier especially since jerry would also be much older then..

the cranky one knocked out in the […]


By |July 25th, 2012|

my colleague brought me here for lunch one day and my oh my, I’m really surprised at this really simple, nice, chilled cafe in the midst of the industrial park work area that I work in. definitely a good place to escape to for an hour or two during lunch if you needed something to cheer up your work day.


and yes, you heard me right. its called tuckshop. nostalgic eh? doesn’t it all reminds you of our primary school days. ok. maybe not everyone but those around my age will know what I’m talking about.


and when I say its hidden, its an understatement. this place is a secret! it resides within an industrial building with no signboards or whatever on the outside, and its not even on the ground floor. its also hidden from the lift entrance when the lift door open on the 7th floor […]

food expedition.

By |June 25th, 2012|

what msia means to me is always 2 things – family and good food. and no, in case you are wondering.. I am a Singaporean, except that I have a wee bit of Malaysia blood in me.


with the family wedding yesterday, the family gathered in jb for a good feasting opportunity before the celebration. we trooped in bright and early on Saturday morning.

first stop. I finally tried out the mee hoon kuay that derrick has been raving about for a while. this is near his johor office in so its pretty far off from the jb town because its in skudai. I think it taste pretty good. the dough was of chewy texture but I preferred the mee sua version over my usual mee hoon kuay. somehow, the msian mee sua is always yummy! incidentally, everyone ordered something different so I pinched on everyone’s food before […]

the jap dinner at Wahiro

By |April 22nd, 2012|

Right this moment, I’m so full that I can’t quite move an inch. I’ll risk puking.

Serves me right for being soooooo greedy.
Had a nice dinner with Der at wahiro tonight. It was not planned, we happened to be in the area and wanted to have dinner before proceeding with our errands, and since Der haven’t been there, I thought I’ll bring him.

here’s the pictures galore. trying out the gorgeous cam on my new HTC One.

hopefully they are good enough to make you drool!

fresh sashimi. Der ordered a set meal that comes with a portion and I ordered an additional platter for myself..feels a little dumb when I realised the set meal portion is quite big.

foie gras sushi in the foreground, Portobello mushrooms with anchovy, and tempura ebi that comes with the set dinner.

the usual yellowtail fish that’s on my to-order […]

It’s all about food!

By |July 16th, 2011|

Finally, my boy knocks out in bed and I can have some free time to myself for a while before the husband comes home and the next window for expressing breastmilk/washing of bottles rolls along. I am beginning to think I am so not suited for motherhood and I think I lack maternal instincts!

I am soooo tired that I am grateful for any moment that the baby is taken off my hands. But I feel terribly guilty for feeling that way afterwards. how do you mothers do it? I feel like I have nothing else left in me and no energy to go on. The only times that I find myself happier is when I head out.

And oh. I keep having dizzy spells lately. Wonder if it’s because my sugar level is low. It happens on the days where I didn’t have much to eat or when I don’t […]