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Activity with kids

Peter Pan – The Neverending Story

By |January 18th, 2015|

I brought the kids to watch the Peter Pan, The Neverending Story musical some weeks back. It isn’t the kids’ first experience in a theatre setting (read: Junior Claus’ experience), and Jerry has been a lot more plays/musicals prior to this. But, it is definitely the only one with both pyrotechnics and acrobatic acts involved.

I probably didn’t do a good job of prepping them with the storyline before hand. I did try to let them watch some Peter Pan cartoon from youtube but they were more interested in the Frozen theme songs (IKR!!) and Transformers instead. That said, I think they both did a very good job in sitting through the entire musical, especially since its beyond their age.

I really should take more pictures with the boys. Sadly, I don’t […]

Canon Family Bloggers Photo Shoot Out @ Sentosa Singapore

By |December 30th, 2014|

When I first gotten the invitation for the Canon Family Bloggers Photo Shoot out, I just had to agree! I love taking photos! Do I really need to mention this especially since there are so many pieces ‘evidence’ on my blog? Friends would know that I’m never without my camera in my bag and I just love snapping away, so how to reject right?

Besides, Sentosa with my family sounds like an enjoyable weekend to look forward to…AND, my fellow M.I.C.E mommies would be there too!

We got to choose our favourite Canon camera to use, and I chose the new PowerShot G1X Mark II. I have heard great things about the camera and can’t wait to try it! All pictures in this post are taken with the camera, unless otherwise stated! Gotta mention that they are all unedited as well!


I didn’t […]

Things Jerry Says #24 – X.silly’s 6th Birthday

By |December 11th, 2014|

Here’s a secret I am going to share. A silly one. Der & I buy cakes to celebrate x.silly‘s birthday every year. It has been something that we have been doing ever since Der gifted me with x.silly. I think I shared before, but I can’t find any blog post on it. And yup, we love being silly like that.

So this year, it is the same. I bought a cake and Der happened to give me a ride home from the train station that day with the kids in tow. Jerry spied my bag cautiously..

Jerry (J): Mummy, what are you holding?
Mummy (M): It’s a cake for x.silly.
J: Why you buy a cake? Why you never buy me a donut?
M: It’s x.silly birthday! So I bought him a cake. Later when we reach home, we celebrate x.silly’s birthday ok?
J: It’s x.silly birthday ah. You buy him […]

Limited Edition Shell Tanker LEGO Model

By |November 25th, 2014|

Just a quick shout-out to the Shell LEGO fans. They are down to the last model for the LEGO collection! I especially love this Shell Tanker can? So, so cute. You have till 30th November to get this, and this is limited edition! Like there won’t be anymore after this. #sosadcan

In case you haven’t already known, you can get this at S$10.95 with every S$60 spent on Shell V-Power fuel from 21 to 30 November 2014.

I’m so gonna miss these cute little lego cars. So are my kids. Look at how they enjoyed it when we had a chance to build them together and put them to a race some time back.

Mummy and daddy learnt a few tips on miniature photography even and I found intriguing! The boys, they were just so enamoured with their lego cars and it is not hard to guess why. It’s so much fun.

We […]

Our Deepavali Holiday.

By |October 27th, 2014|

How did you spend the mid week pubic holiday last week? We had wanted to bring the boys for some cycling but the clouds were grey and it started pouring even before we reached the park after our lunch. It rained pretty bad and we knew that there is no way we could wait out the rain. As we were driving on the ECP, the next destination that came to my mind was Changi Airport!

I love big spaces where the kids can run, and I especially love changi airport because I used to love watching airplanes take off from the viewing gallery when I was a kid, so I was quite sure that the kids would love it too! Especially now so since the Changi Airport has quite a fair bit of fun discoveries for kids. I honestly am thinking about trying that

A day at the zoo!

By |October 7th, 2014|

We haven’t visited the Singapore Zoological Gardens for a while, and when we got the memo that Jerry’s school has an outing, I made the husband take leave with me to attend the session. After all, daddy’s gotta be involved too right? (p.s. I didn’t realise that monday was a PH then and we accidentally clocked in a super long weekend!)

Jerry was super excited on the school bus. He wasn’t all the usual grumpy him when he told him we are going to the zoo! He must have thought it was a super happy day that daddy and mummy are coming along with him.

It was a half day trip and we didn’t manage to see that many animals, unfortunately. But, Jerry seems really familiar with the animals and kept asking for the elephant. It was super funny.

We stood around the polar bear exhibit and actually lost our class teachers […]

Cycling at East Coast Park!

By |October 6th, 2014|

It’s been a long time since, but we finally did it! The husband & I made it back to East Coast Park for some outdoorsy fun, along with the kids.  To think we used to blade there very often, pre-kids. I have been wanting to go, but there was never a good chance – kid too young, preggers, 2nd kid too young etc. Now that they both are running and climbing all over, and Jerome can understand some bits of instruction… there is so much we can start doing!

Can you tell that I was A LOT more excited than the kids? Nooooooo… the kids were both equally excited, but this picture was just a *stoned* moment that the *ahem* photographer managed to capture.. and it was my only picture that’s decent.

I was also super nervous about riding the bike. I could cycle very well by myself (if […]

Jerome’s 1st swim!

By |July 28th, 2014|

As 2nd time parents, I honestly think that we are tardy in some ways in exposing Jerome. Jerry had his first swim at 5 months, but Jerome only went for his first swim last month when he is 17 months old. While there are many factors that lead to this, the key reason is… having one kid is so much easier to manage, especially with 2 pairs of watchful eyes.

Here’s the truth. We weren’t as confident in bringing 2 kids to the pool by ourselves especially when they both are so young, and basically not easy to handle (i.e. super active). And then, the kids just keep falling sick one after another when the time permits for a pool session so we never got round to it.

We finally did it but on the day we did, I dug out the swimmers that I bought for Jerome, only to […]

Art jamming with Pumpkin Patch on Mother’s Day weekend

By |June 5th, 2014|

Ok. Month-old news (but still news!!). I tried my hands at art jamming with the husband during the Mother’s Day weekend.

Actually.. it was meant to be an art jamming session for Jerry the kiddo, but life sometimes, doesn’t quite go the way you plan it. When we arrived in vivocity.. guess what the kid is doing? He totally concussed, way before noon! Just one of those days!

So what is supposed to be a parent-kid art jamming session, became a husband-wife art jamming session instead. Or rather, i sent the husband to paint me a painting while I just stood around and chill. Heh. Here’s the husband hard at work, with his ipad on his lap to reference a coplu‘s painting, a painter and we both love a lot. If you can see, we started much later than everyone else because we arrived late at the event. I […]


By |April 7th, 2014|

2 weekends back, Jerry & I attended a parent-child cooking workshop with Nestle Koko Krunch and we had a lot of fun!! I’m quite the Koko Krunch fan myself since i was a kid (it was my favourite cereal and i would eat nothing else). And errm, Jerry now shares the same love for the cereal. Once i let him try a piece of it and he was forever hooked. #truestory

Needless to say, i was thrilled when i got the invitation for the cooking workshop with Nestle Koko Krunch!

We were a little late that morning, because the sleepyhead isn’t accustomed to me dragging him out of bed that early. I was a little worried since i didn’t prep any food except a bottle of milk on the way out (since it was a cooking session) and was really glad that the Nestle team had a breakfast spread prepped – […]