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Browtisan Eyebrow Embroidery Touch Up Experience

By |January 8th, 2015|

About 2 months ago, I took a leap of faith and went for eyebrow embroidery. Very honestly, while I was very sure that I wanted to do something with my uneven brows, I wasn’t sure if I could survive the next few years living my decision. Although eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent, I was still scared. Scared because I have never done anything to my face before and I don’t really know what suits me best.

Thankfully, I got mine done at Browtisan and Coco, who is chief creative officer at Browtisan is one of the best in the industry. I am loving my brows everyday, and it saves me so much time!

So, 1 month after the eyebrow embroidery, I was supposed to head back for a touch-up. The touch-up is complimentary and part of the eyebrow embroidery package. In fact, there are 2 touch-ups […]

Canon Family Bloggers Photo Shoot Out @ Sentosa Singapore

By |December 30th, 2014|

When I first gotten the invitation for the Canon Family Bloggers Photo Shoot out, I just had to agree! I love taking photos! Do I really need to mention this especially since there are so many pieces ‘evidence’ on my blog? Friends would know that I’m never without my camera in my bag and I just love snapping away, so how to reject right?

Besides, Sentosa with my family sounds like an enjoyable weekend to look forward to…AND, my fellow M.I.C.E mommies would be there too!

We got to choose our favourite Canon camera to use, and I chose the new PowerShot G1X Mark II. I have heard great things about the camera and can’t wait to try it! All pictures in this post are taken with the camera, unless otherwise stated! Gotta mention that they are all unedited as well!


I didn’t […]

My little boy, Jerome.

By |December 20th, 2014|

Today is a day that I rejoice! Finally, the 3 weeks of solo parenting is OVER! The government returned my husband to me last night and even though I was stuck in a class till almost midnight, there is so much to be happy about!

One of them is, of cos, moving back into my own home later today. Can’t wait. I miss my bed!

While the solo parenting has been somewhat tough and extremely tiring, I got to bond a lot with my little kid, Jerome.

He was stuck to me at the hip almost everyday when I was on leave for a week and boy, did we have fun! I also realised that I haven’t had the chance to pay more attention to him as I had with Jerry, but I learned so much more about him during the week we both were stuck together 24/7.

It’s really quite amazing.

I found out […]

Browtisan – Perfect eyebrows, everyday.

By |November 30th, 2014|

I have been thinking about getting my brows done for a long, long time and I recently did it at Browtisan! I mad love my perfect eyebrows now and every day, I spend a lot less time in front of mirror preparing. The husband even commented that I get ready real quick! I reckon this has got to be one of the best choices I’ve made. Do you spend 10-15 mins on your brows every day? Or maybe lesser time but a lot of effort on drawing the perfect brows? You just got to read this post and my brow embroidery experience at Browtisan. So why do I want to get my brows done? Here’s a picture of bare face, and how my naked brows looked like.

One side of the brow is much shorter than the other, resulting in one having an arch, and the other, arch-less. I also suffered quite a few […]

Limited Edition Shell Tanker LEGO Model

By |November 25th, 2014|

Just a quick shout-out to the Shell LEGO fans. They are down to the last model for the LEGO collection! I especially love this Shell Tanker can? So, so cute. You have till 30th November to get this, and this is limited edition! Like there won’t be anymore after this. #sosadcan

In case you haven’t already known, you can get this at S$10.95 with every S$60 spent on Shell V-Power fuel from 21 to 30 November 2014.

I’m so gonna miss these cute little lego cars. So are my kids. Look at how they enjoyed it when we had a chance to build them together and put them to a race some time back.

Mummy and daddy learnt a few tips on miniature photography even and I found intriguing! The boys, they were just so enamoured with their lego cars and it is not hard to guess why. It’s so much fun.

We […]

Where we stay in Bangkok – Tune Hotel

By |November 23rd, 2014|

I am going to share about Tune Hotel, Asoke today. It is the hotel that I stayed in during my recent family trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I have stayed in quite a few hotels in Bangkok, but mostly the full service, more expensive hotels. Not because I am atas okay. Some trips’ accommodation were not booked by me. Other times, it was mostly to suit everyone’s expectations and requests.

I’m easy when it comes to hotels on travel trips. I can accept anything that comes with a decent bed and toilet in the room! Com’on. I usually don’t spend a lot of time in the hotel when I am overseas anyway. It is just a place to sleep/rest and shower since I will be out and about most of the time so the bed and the toilet are the most important things in the room. Nothing else matters, really. Oh, and […]

My funny Jerome Choo.

By |November 17th, 2014|

I am gonna share some of the funny antics of Jerome, just for laughs. You know how kids always do the weirdest things, and the funniest things.. without a worry or care in the world. They simply don’t care what others think.

The floor is Jerome’s best friend.

This kid, he crawls on those smooth floors, under the tables, out and about all the cabinets thinking that it is a playground. I had the shop assistant scold me for it. Uhh, it’s not like I never did try to restrain him, but he has a mind of his own! He found it so fun, I don’t have the heart to stop him. You know, the saying that kids learn through exploration…

Besides, mummy loves taking pictures of his little adventures.

Here, he is showing me his annoyed face because I refused to let him out of a fitting room that he is stuck […]

The Choos goes to Bangkok on AirAsia!

By |November 14th, 2014|

Its my 2nd trip to Bangkok this year (first bkk trip here), but I cannot be more excited. Because, I am lugging with me 2 Bangkok virgins! Can you believe it? Der has NEVER stepped foot into Bangkok ever, and of cos not Jerry. So I was super excited to show them around. It’s been a while since Jerry took a plane too. His last trip was to Hong Kong, and that was when Jerome was still in my stomach! We haven’t been travelling much with 2 kids at all. Truth is, its really not easy trying to handle 2 toddlers with just us two…(at their age!). The husband can really only handle 1 while travelling.

I do travel quite a bit, and is usually fuss free when I am travelling alone. Today, I am going to share with you some […]

Jerry goes KidZania Bangkok!

By |November 13th, 2014|

We just came back from Bangkok, and the highlight of which is bringing Jerry to KidZania. I unfortunately fell prey to food poisoning after I got back and spent the whole the last 2 days in bed, totally weak and in extreme agony. Funny how I was okay with all the street food, but on the last day, I ate in restaurants and fast food and I fell sick from that!  I am suspecting that particular sushi joint that I ate in.

Anyhow, back to KidZania Bangkok. Do you know that it is one of the 2 KidZanias nearest to Singapore? The other one is in Kuala Lumpur. If you haven’t already heard, KidZania Singapore is opening on our very own shores next year, at Sentosa!

I was quite excited to bring Jerry to KidZania for a couple of reasons – he loves role-playing and KidZania definitely have some […]

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    Mom’s Best Friend – Philips Avent Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Mom’s Best Friend – Philips Avent Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

By |November 7th, 2014|

Wow. It’s amazing to know Philips Avent is nearly as old as me. This year, they are celebrating their 30th anniversary! 30 years of innovation from Philips Avent. Do you even know about it? I’ll share my thoughts on some of the products I have used in all the years I have been a mother (I really love them) and as well as ANOTHER giveaway worth more than $500 at the end of the post, so make you read through the entire post. I’ll quiz you in order to win!

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation – Delivering More Breast Milk to More Babies

For thirty years Philips Avent has listened and learned to ensure that they continue to develop innovative products for moms and their babies, providing them with the most natural way to feed and giving their little ones the best start in life. Since 1984 Philips Avent has worked […]