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learning a trick or two.

By |July 16th, 2011|

this motherhood journey, sure got loads to learn everyday!

digressing a bit that’s totally unrelated. does anyone realise that the iphone app for livejournal these days still keeps the draft when the entry is posted? i can’t seemed to delete them off! also, it does NOT load the entries that i have created on the computer.. it only registers those that are from the app, regardless of how often i refresh it. and i don’t know if there is any improvement in the app at all because it is soooooo slow to use that i have resorted to using my computer to update instead. hmmm.. it’s forever loading when i open the app and does not matter whether i have (1) reset the application, (2) delete and install the application again. oh wells.

back to the tricks that i learnt lately. just wanted to note them down and share!

i […]

today, is an arsed day.

By |July 7th, 2011|

i know it doesnt seemed like it..

but guess what? i slept for 4.5hrs last night, woke at 6am to a crying baby (and engorged breasts).. fed him, burped him, changed his diapers, put him into bed (he already slept while i was burping him), started to express my milk and 10 minutes later…. Jerry projectile vomited!!!

it means, crying baby, helpless me (with breast pump still stuck to me) rushing over (reflex action) and SPILLING all the milk everywhere (bottles were almost full), screaming at hubby to wake (he was scrambling to find his glasses in semi darkness), cleaning the baby (with hubby’s help), cleaning myself up (soaked with breastmilk), changing out the entire cot sheets, rinsing them to remove the milk curds.. and when i thought all is at peace..

der picked the baby up from my bed to put him back to the cot… and to my HORROR, jerry’s […]

interesting trivia..

By |April 13th, 2011|

do you know breastfeeding on the smrt trains is NOT allowed? It is against the well-known rule and regulation of “no eating/drinking on trains” and you are liable for the fine if you are caught. there is no exemption to it, but you can appeal if you are being issued a notification of offences.

read more here.

and no, i wasn’t intending to do it.. i was just surfing around for some other information and i came across that.

// Edited: 18 April – Realised that SMRT has changed its rules and here’s what on their website now.

Can i breastfeed or feed my children?

For the comfort of other passengers it is best to feed your children before entering the station. But we understand a hungry child needs to be fed, and we can make special arrangements for you within our station premises. Please approach our station staff for assistance.


The […]