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    Daiso 101 – 15 Useful Things from Daiso and what I do with them.

Daiso 101 – 15 Useful Things from Daiso and what I do with them.

By |October 6th, 2015|

I confess, I am a Daiso-holic. And I know there are a lot of you out there who are the same, and maybe some of you choose to be closet ones, but still… I know a lot cannot resist the lure of stepping in and just browsing around, right? Com’on, there is no shame. We are all just super good at saving money and buying useful things at a fraction of their price sometimes. Other times, it’s for convenience sake!  😛

I… (much to the horror of my husband) often lug huge bags home from Daiso. My husband has a phobia each time I go near a store, but he doesn’t really stop me because he is sweet like that. I just like to spend time browsing the items, and sometimes, find a lot of useful items and interesting things to buy. Besides, each Daiso store stocks different inventory so it’s […]

Prepping the Teacher’s Day Present.

By |August 30th, 2015|

Teacher’s Day is next week! Parents with young school-going children like me are fretting about what to get. I know there are parents who don’t really bother, but I wanted to show my appreciation because I am thankful of the teachers who nurture my kids in the school they are at. All of them whom have impacted my kids in one way or another. I scrambled to put something together last week because I know we will be away on vacation in Taiwan. Want to know what I got for Jerry & Jerome’s teachers? Here’s a hint!

Spent a few hours at night prepping the pressies with the husband. Here’s a image of the final product!

I thought it was a meaningful gift, because I have seen the kids grow so much in the past year, not just physically, but intellectually. The kids talk fondly about their teachers as well and I haven’t heard a […]

teacher’s day presents.

By |September 6th, 2013|

and so, tomorrow is teacher’s day. if you have school going children like me, have you prepped the presents? or has it been a really tedious process, pondering about what presents to give them?


or maybe, you have no intentions of doing anything at all? Lol.


i do feel people these days are, in general, more critical then appreciative towards everyone around them. or it could have been the wide spread use of social media which has amplified the negative voices. I know I am fully guilty of dishing out complaints a lot more than praises or compliments on a daily basis. its so much easier to complain, and take things for granted.


or maybe, I’m just over generalising based on what I feel. do tell me if you don’t agree!


and yup, so i have been pondering what to get for the teachers to show our bit of appreciation towards them, […]