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My Day in a Life Post – It’s Monday!

By |April 27th, 2015|

Happy Monday! Today, I am going to share with you a snapshot of my entire day from morning till dawn, down to the minute details so you can too, can be a part of my very real everyday life. This particular day that I am recording here is last Monday, 20 April 2015. So enjoy!

6.45am: The alarm clock rings and I hit the snooze button. Today, I am feeling very tired because I slept at 2am the night before, doing chores around the house putting away mess while the boys are asleep. I snuggle close to Jerome (he sleeps between the husband and me) and take in his smell while I rest for a little while more.

7am: The husband taps me awake, warning me that I am going to be late for my day. I have an early start today due to a 9am meeting […]

5 Reasons to Travel Without Your Kids.

By |April 13th, 2015|

I thought I’ll blog on this topic since I just returned from a vacation, without the kids. I went on my own and I am here to tell you why it is a great idea, as a parent to clock in some travel WITHOUT the kids.

Am I guilt free for leaving the kids behind? Maybe not entirely. Was I happy to be away? YOU BET.

I know of way too many parents who never travelled without their kids. In fact, on the trip that I was on, one of my travel companions was leaving her kids behind for the first. time. ever.  Her kids are (I think) 6yo & 4yo, but her case was a little more special. She didn’t have anyone to care for the kids.

I also have friends who planned for trips with their girlfriends and pull out the night before and let all those money spent on […]


By |March 30th, 2015|

It has been a solemn past week having it been declared a national mourning period. I spent my days reading articles of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and gluing myself to the TV. Some of you might also have noticed the 7 days of silence on my blog and all social media platform. It is indeed very sad, and I shed much tears. Each time I read some article Singaporeans write about their experience with our first Prime Minister, my eyes just start to water, even when I am in trains or public transport.

I too, joined in the Parliament queue with the husband and Jerry on Thursday. Despite being told that the priority queue might take up to 6 hours, we proceeded on, knowing that it is my last chance to pay my respects. We eventually took 4 hours, but I was nothing but glad that I […]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (in Mandarin) by The Little Company.

By |February 12th, 2015|

{Giveaway at end of post}

I love exposing my kids to different experiences and one of the easiest way is to bring them to watch plays. They are immediately transported into settings that are out of their world, and they often get to learn a valuable lesson or two. I also use the scenes in plays to relate to my kids, and teach them life’s lessons through it.

Jerry has been through quite a number of plays already, and Jerome recently went for his first. The plays they have watched thus far have been english-speaking ones and I do want to bring them to Mandarin speaking ones in a bid to promote speaking the language. Both my kids are bilingual because the grandparents speak Mandarin, but I am a lot more comfortable in English and they do tend to veer towards the […]

3 idiots.

By |September 25th, 2014|

No. I am not scolding anyone but I want to introduce you guys to this particular movie that I happened to watch on a ferry while I was in Cebu. I have been telling all my friends and colleagues to go watch it, and have been meaning to blog about it and share but kept forgetting. If you haven’t watched it, you really should.

It isn’t a new movie, in fact, its quite dated considering that it was launched in 2009. It is Indian coming-of-age comedy-drama film that went on to be the highest grossing Bollywood film. I guarantee that it is not a waste of time although I did hear feedback that it might be a little dry to watch through the initial part of the movie.


I laughed a lot and teared a lot with this movie, […]

Thank you. Yes, you.

By |March 14th, 2014|

I actually was going to schedule a short post today, one of those “Things Jerry say” that have been in my draft folder for the longest time.. but i have decided to take the time to craft a short thank you post.

The response from my last post on breastfeeding have been very heartening. I was initially quite hesitant to share but now, i am so, so, glad that i did. I learned so much more. And i learned that while i thought i was the “only one”, suddenly there are so many of you who reached out to me and tell me you moms thought you were the only one. Turns out, we are all in the same boat!

A lot of you left me comments to thank me for the inspiring story. […]

Cherieladie on Bloglovin.

By |January 17th, 2014|


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One Beauty Spa turns 5!

By |October 3rd, 2013|

Quick shout-out to my spa-going friends.

One Beauty Spa turns 5 and in conjunction with its anniversary celebrations, it is giving away FREE Trials this Saturday! Join me and fellow bloggers, Irene (, Estella (, and Mabel ( at the party!

FACE (20 TO 30 mins)
– Non-surgical Face Lift
– IPL Skin Rejuvenation / Acne / Sun Damage
Hydro Crystal Peel

BODY(20 TO 30 mins)
– Womb Care Treatment
– Acu Meridian Massage
– Back Massage

The last i heard, the slots are filling up fast! So, hurry and call 6338 4979 to reserve your slots now. There will be free door gifts, lucky draw and high-tea buffet! And FREE MAKEOVER (worth $128) if you bring along your friends!

Date: 5 October 2013
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: 14 Liang Seah Street (Opposite Bugis Junction)

Good things must share right? I’m nice like that. You are welcome! 🙂

unpleasant experience in ikea – using the baby room.

By |July 12th, 2013|

ever since the incident happened, i haven’t been feeling great and i needed to rant about it. the thought of it irks me to no end. so ya, warning given. rant ahead. I really, needed to get this off my chest.

so, the renovations are almost done and the husband and me have been frequenting ikea lately in between whatever bits of time we could spare.

on one of those week days where i had to take leave to care for the kid, the husband decided that we should make use of the time to visit ikea since jerry is at school and logistically, it’s much easier to manage the shopping with a baby.

we were looking at beds when jerome had a loud, massive, explosive poop job and we had to run to the baby room with poop slowly dripping down his legs (oh, the horror!). So the poop […]

the girl who used to sit in front.

By |July 6th, 2013|

my colleague, Beverly left the team last friday. the office is been quite quiet and missing quite a bit of cheer. i think it stems from her youth (she’s the youngest in the team) and her beverly bubberly nature. I also love to tease her to bits so work has been kinda boring without her. nonetheless, i’m sure we will remain as friends!! or maybe its a one-sided thinking cos she doesnt want to keep me. well, im too old and not much fun. hahah.

the sweet girl baked the team a cake as a farewell gift!

filled with loads of love and strawberries

the sweet, young thing in the team. (guys, she’s single!)

and of cos, being her last day.. the team had a bit of fun on the office! it was a official early release friday for the company, but everyone stayed behind for some fun. […]