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Solo parenting stint.

By |June 13th, 2013|


the husband is off again on his business trips and i have the week to struggle on solo parenting. honestly, it wasnt that bad when i was on maternity leave. now, with me back at work with 2 kids and more prep work required in getting jerry to school at the same time… i think i am struggling to cope.

the daunting thoughts of waking up early, expressing milk, washing the bottles and popping them into the sterilizer, feeding jerry his milk, changing him into his uniforms, feeding jerome and getting ready for work myself feels like i need an entire morning. and i have to get out by 8.30am. most days, even with the husband is a bad rush because the kids arent the most cooperative mood in the mornings.

i definitely am hoping that sunday comes soon and that husband would be back.

Hmmmmm… now it makes […]

a pleasant surprise from jerry.

By |June 10th, 2013|

I havent read a book to jerry for ages. my bad. other priorities got the better of me. i tried to show him a new book tonight but he went to his book shelf and pulled this out instead.

yes. he likes to choose his own books and this is, afterall one of the newer books in his little library. 


so here’s my surprise. I started pointing out the animals one by one and asked.. “what is this?” across each item on the book cover.


and he went…
(when I point to the hive) bee!


and im stumped.  I definitely had not expected that he’ll get every one of them correct. ok. its wasnt really a house but a barn there but still..


I guess he’s soaking up things a lot faster than I am […]

a wedding over the weekend.

By |June 3rd, 2013|

I attend a wedding over the weekend, of james and angel. it was a lovely wedding with touching speeches and all.


and it was special to me in my own little way. I was back in the same ballroom that I wedded in 3 years ago. as i sit in the ballroom, the memories of my own wedding flashed in my mind and I couldnt help it but smile at those memories. It was so much fun. ok. I shouldnt really steal the story. its their wedding after all.

I didnt manage to take much pictures of the couple. and whatever I had was a little fuzzy. I was too busy catching up with everyone else. oopsie. but thats what people do at weddings right?

my team at work and the agency folks (ex and current).

xueli & me

a visit to pasar bella at grand stand (turf city)

By |June 2nd, 2013|

last week, we finally found some time to check out pasar bella. the husb is pretty appalled when I told him we are going to check out a market and was in fact, very reluctant to go according to my suggestion.  haha!

the flight of stairs kinda put der off. he had to carry the stroller with a sleeping jerry in it up those stairs. he even told me to go ahead and he’ll sit at the bus stop to wait for me. haha! my lazy man. (we eventually realised that we could enter from the sides through the mall area that doesnt require climbing any steps).  and can I just say, I love the lovely painted picture by the side?


we had a really lovely time walking through the place and checking out everything on sale! fresh seafood, cold cuts, little food establishments, cakes, cookies, […]

The funny kid.

By |May 29th, 2013|

I was looking through my old phone relatively new but retired phone (HTC One X) through the cracked screen and was backing up the videos onto my youtube when i came upon this funny clip. We took this while grocery shopping at the mall one day.

The kid was overjoyed with carrying our shopping, and REFUSED to let it go even though he was super tired and dozing off! he threw a tantrum every single time we tried to take the bag away. Hilarious!

it’s one of our favourite videos of the kid, so i’m sharing this with all of you. enjoy.

p.s. the video is taken a while back when jerry is still quite young and small.

I’ve been busy.

By |May 28th, 2013|

and so, if you haven’t already know.. I am back at work since last week. life has been pretty good to me and we didnt have much issues working out the logistics of kids and everything else.


so, the schedule for the past week has been pretty much like this:
– 720am: everyone wakes up. daddy makes milk for jerry, I express milk, bathe and get ready for work.
– 800am: daddy sends jerry to school and waits for me downstairs once he is done.
-815-830am: I bring baby out to my mum if he’s awake or just leaves him in the cot if he’s sleeping and pop downstairs for a free ride to the office (this privilege ended this week and I had to take the train, but hey I aint complaining! its been good while it lasted!)
-530-600pm: the mil picks jerry up from […]

Discovering the artistic side of me with heART Studio.

By |May 26th, 2013|

it's been a while that I did something for myself. take on classes, learn a new skill etc. the last time I attended a class of some sort for myself was learning the Japanese language and that was many many years back, way before I got married. with smb turning 1, I managed to join a bake class and now, an ART CLASS with all the celebratory activities! thank you smb! there are loads more worth celebrating for, I reckon. heh.

and so, I spent 2 hours today away from the kids (my mum helped babysit one, and the husband the other while running errands) and tried to discover my artistic talent with heART studio at Upper Thomson Road.

I was caught in the rain earlier and was late for the class (boo!). when I entered, everyone was in deep concentration, drawing away!

Jerry goes for the Cold Storage Kids Run 2013!

By |May 24th, 2013|

if you have met or seen jerry in real life, you will know that i have a very active boy on my hands. he sprints away for some fun the moment an opportunity opens up, or is ever ready for a game of catching where he runs and mummy/daddy chases after him, or around a pillar (he loves the pillar thing!).

so we were really excited that Jerry is finally of age to join the cold storage kids run this year! i was pretty sure he’ll be a champ and run ALL the way, judging at how he loves to run, all the time.

turns out, things never quite happens the way you want it sometimes. it was a day where the sun was scorching hot, and my boy just wilted from the heat and turned cranky! It was also partly because we refused to let him run around […]

Protected: of work.

By |May 23rd, 2013|

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my nails in may.

By |May 22nd, 2013|

I havent had the time to do individual nail posts anymore… but im still trying to keep up with my personal nail me-time as a mum of two. most days, I only paint when everyone is asleep or when the husband and my mum is both around to help handle the kids. sometimes, its a struggle and I split the removal and painting into 2 days with whatever pockets of time I have. I know, almost sounds like mission impossible right? but I love my nails/polishes too much to leave it bare.


so here’s what I wore on my nails in may! they are mostly simple design because I couldnt spare the time to draw anything fancy.

gelish nails :: Supernail progel color – sea foam with glitter dust sprinkled and dusted on separately

gelish nails :: Supernail progel electric pink layered with harmony waterfield. […]