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Cracked French manicure.

By |November 26th, 2011|

Changed out my manicure just moments ago because it was starting to chip and I had an event this evening.

The last time I posted the duo-colored nail tips, I had people requesting that I do a tutorial. Actually wanted to do a video tutorial today but I really had no spare hands and no one to help me.. So I’ll do a step-by-step pictorial tutorial today on my nails.

I tried out a cracked nail polish that was gifted to me 2 Christmas ago by a colleague. I kept forgetting about it so today I finally tried it out for the first time! Helps that it was also purple and because I just wanted to change my manicure and not my pedicure and it’s great that it still matches my feet.

Took me 40 mins to do it, from removing the previous polish, and taking photos in […]

Manicure time.

By |November 13th, 2011|

Finally can afford the time to change out my nail color. It has been chipping and irking me since last week, but as life has it.. Other things has taken priority the past week and so, I finally have a bit of time to myself… Besides, I’m feeling a little down from being sick so how best to cheer myself up with a pretty manicure?

I mad love my new nails, and I painted them myself!

It’s a first for me painting this design and it was relatively easy, except that I made the mistake of painting the darker color first, thinking that the neon pink would be able to cover. It did, but I could still see a bit of the dark purple polish below, so I coated a few more layers of pink, which is quite a mistake. It ‘melts’ the purple and I see a […]

Pretty nails.

By |September 25th, 2011|

I had wanted to pop put for manicure & pedicure this afternoon cos my last (self) manicure has been 2 weeks ago and the new growth was quite unsightly and the polish was beginning to chip real bad. I was really lazy and was on the verge of stepping out when I guilt tripped myself.

Seeing the amount of nail polishes that I have….

I’m really not doing them any justice.. And mostly, I also feel stupid when I head out and paint on some opi colour when I already have them in the house. So I got down to hardworking mode, left the baby in the husband’s care and started on my task of pretty nails.

Removal, cutting nails, filing them down.. It’s hard work really. I always think it’s harder doing it yourself than have someone do it for you, plus you gotta up the carefulness […]

A little indulgence

By |April 29th, 2011|

2 days ago, I popped out for a while to get myself pampered. Helps that it was only a stone’s throw away and ultra convenient.

I got express manicure done! I should have opt for the full one, but nah, had the muffin duties and was rushing out for a dinner.

Happy toes! Probably the last pedicure I can do in a long while! Sane time next week, I’ll probably be in hospital or doing my confinement!

And nope, didn’t do the manicure since I need to remove before popping into the hospital. Would be a waste of time and money. Errmm. Actually, my pretty toes also only get to see the light at home.. Suddenly it makes no sense too! Lol.

Anyway, I love it that my feet ain’t swollen at all. helps to drink loads of water!!

of a bad headache and manicure.

By |June 1st, 2009|

i had a super bad headache this afternoon. the house was noisy with all that TV noise from the living room. I wanted to get some peace so i walked out to the corridor for some fresh air and peace, only to realise that the neighbours are blasting their tv louder than my mum.

squatting by the stairways for some 10 mins, the pain didnt go away and i got irritated even more because some neighbour was blasting some loud music.

in frustration, i got changed and headed out for a walk. yes. even when the weather’s so hot. i needed some peace to fight the headache and because the 6 weeks exercise ban is only into its 4th week, i cannot do any heart thumping stuff to ‘self cure’ the headache.

sometimes, i cannot stand our closely knitted living quarters, because the noise travels from households and at times, i do […]


By |February 3rd, 2008|

At shuhui’s place doing my manicure and pedicure..

Am going to cut my hair later.. So took a last few shots of myself in long hair..

Good bye hair. =)

Hopefully i will look younger, fresher, and prettier!

[mobile post @ far east plaza]

My pretty toes

By |November 14th, 2007|

Went to shuhui’s place for an express pedicure this evening before she shut the shop and headed to dinner with weiling, stella and me.

Very pretty nails i now have, though my picture really don’t do any justice. Loves the glitters and jewels popping on my big toes. =)

If you want some good manicure services in the midst of shopping at orchard, you can pop down to nail enchantment at far east plaza, #04-95.

Guess what? I went in heels and came back with slippers cos she sells cheap & pretty flip flops too so your pretty pedicure doesn’t get ruined!

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