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Jerry starts drinking – KAMPAI!

By |February 11th, 2014|


Like father, like son. Jerry starts drinking young (haha! I meant to dig at the husband!). Over the weekend, we had dinner out one day in a restaurant and this funny kid of mine suddenly decided that with every single sip of water, he needs to kampai!

Its super hilarious and entertaining to watch and we heard giggles from the tables around us. The best part? He insisted on finishing the cup water (punctuated with a kampai at every sip) before we can leave. It was one of those days where i wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere and i just indulged in him and let him have his fun and finish every single drop in the cup.

guess this is a timely reminder. I have been so tired lately and losing it on the kids when things just don’t go my way and […]

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

By |January 9th, 2014|

Last night was one of those nights.. Where both der and me were frigging tired but we had a baby who wanted nothing but attention from us.

OMG. Don’t you just. Hate. Moments. Like. This.

Like you are on the brink of losing your sanity, but can’t do anything much about it. The baby doesn’t want milk, doesn’t want sleep and all he wants is to be out of the cot and cuddle.

I couldn’t take it anymore and took out the ipad, and had phonics on loop for the kid. In the dark. And ensuring that there is way enough safe distance between the kid and the light source… and promptly flopped back into bed.

Don’t judge. Don’t we all have one of these days?

I’m sharing mine, because I ain’t no perfect mum and I guess all we ever want to be, is to be the best we can.. but when we […]

Solo parenting stint.

By |June 13th, 2013|


the husband is off again on his business trips and i have the week to struggle on solo parenting. honestly, it wasnt that bad when i was on maternity leave. now, with me back at work with 2 kids and more prep work required in getting jerry to school at the same time… i think i am struggling to cope.

the daunting thoughts of waking up early, expressing milk, washing the bottles and popping them into the sterilizer, feeding jerry his milk, changing him into his uniforms, feeding jerome and getting ready for work myself feels like i need an entire morning. and i have to get out by 8.30am. most days, even with the husband is a bad rush because the kids arent the most cooperative mood in the mornings.

i definitely am hoping that sunday comes soon and that husband would be back.

Hmmmmm… now it makes […]

my way of keeping my hyper kid at bay.

By |June 30th, 2012|

I really don’t have the energy to catch up with him these days.. in a bid to keep his hyperactiveness at bay and still keep him occupied with some activity, I put him in the baby chair outside at the corridor.. and armed him with an apple.

if possible, dress the baby in old clothes. my son isn’t in old clothes but he has been munching on the apple before that (he grabbed it from the coffee table himself and started munching on it before we realised what was happening) so I just let him be.

look at the mess he created.


but surprise, surprise! he devoured 3/4 of the apple and is a happy kid. mummy is happy because I just sat around and observed him for 30mins.


that was yesterday.


today, I repeated the exercise with cornflakes!

life back at work as a mummy.

By |October 1st, 2011|

been wanting to jot down my thoughts but i have been sooooo tired lately. i crashed out while doing things halfway every night and i sleep in the most odd manner. i havent had a decent conversation with the husband for days..

but i’m surviving. and thankfully for the rain yesterday morning and a nice husband who said yes to sending me to work when i nicely asked. we finally had proper conversations (non-baby related) in the car on the way here listening to class 95 while being stuck in the morning traffic jam that was amplified by the heavy rain. i should be thankful for traffic jam, because it prolonged our chance to have the proper conversations. and thankful for the rain, if not he may not have obliged, and i would have taken the train to work.

these days, i actually have 2nd thoughts about breastfeeding, simply because […]