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5 Christmas gift ideas for the husband!

By |December 21st, 2015|

Christmas is just days away… and I know many people are still doing their last minute shopping for Christmas gifts. I..uhh.. admit to be one of them. I still need to get a few more gifts. Shopping for ideal gifts can sometimes be quite a pain!

Every year, I crack my head on what Christmas gift to buy for my husband. This year, I brainstormed long and hard way in advance and here’s 5 gift ideas for husbands.

1. An Omega Watch 

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Every one needs a watch to tell the time. Ok, maybe in this time and era, most people can tell time from their mobile phones. But a watch can be a fashion statement or a status symbol. One can consider buying the most famous chronograph watch – Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. As the first watch worn on the […]

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    What to consider when buying stroller – The ultimate stroller guide

What to consider when buying stroller – The ultimate stroller guide

By |March 6th, 2014|

bugaboo-bee-strollerWhat do i have to consider when buying a stroller? I get that question a lot. Especially from friends who have kids after i did and are clueless about what to look out for when shopping for a stroller. I totally get it. There are so many brands, types, shapes and sizes and it seriously can get overwhelming. I know, i have been there.

So i am going try to attempt knowledge transfer today and come up with a “What to look out for when buying a stroller” guide.

There is no perfect stroller in the world, because everyone has different expectations and requirements and before you get out there to shop for a stroller, set a few key considerations for yourself for evaluation. Here’s my list of what to consider when buying stroller.

1. Budget 

The economical me just had to place this […]

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    Conversations with the husband #10 – buying a Samsung note 3.

Conversations with the husband #10 – buying a Samsung note 3.

By |March 1st, 2014|

I have been lemming for the samsung note 3 in rose gold color for the longest time and was totally determined to get it this weekend. It’s officially launched last week and i wasn’t around so i went on a quest today to hunt for the best bargain.

I reckon it’s an eye opening experience for the husband. I asked the first shop and he wanted to buy it there and then! I told him he’s mad. I eventually settled it at the 8th or 9th shop that I came across and saved the husband close to 60 bucks. He is a happy man with the moolah saved and I, a happy girl.  its a belated xmas present from the husb. But I had a real dilemma though.. I wanted to get the white for the longest time and I eventually got the black color..

C: what color should I get? […]

Black Friday Shopping – ASH Sneakers

By |December 1st, 2013|

it’s the best thing ever that happened to me in weeks. I’m a little over-worked these couple of weeks and coupled with all that’s happening after moving into the new household, i have been pretty overwhelmed. I really need some retail therapy.

And the best thing yet? i managed to score the pair of punk-looking ASH sneakers that i have been eyeing for weeks! YAY!

ASH Viking Sneakers
ASH Viking Sneakers – Coolest pair of shoes/sneakers that i ever bought.

If you have followed me on instagram, you would have seen my following post some weeks back. I haven’t been able to get them off my mind at all!
Instagram post on cherieladie

Retailing at SGD $330 each, in black and metallic calf leather. (*OUCH!)
So i was super […]

FOX Little Men, Little Miss Collection

By |September 28th, 2013|

**sponsored post**

Have you heard? FOX recently introduced a series of limited edition Mr. Men, Little Miss character tees in their new collection. i know! i should have blogged about this earlier! My bad. I have been so caught up with…life. solo parenting, mid-career switch, house warming, being really really sick the past 5 days are just some of the stuff i am dealing with. i never wish to be so sick ever again. i was running really high temperatures for 5 days and seen 3 docs. the medication from the first 2 doctor didnt help, and the husband eventually sent me to the hospital because the temperature has been sky rocketing. i’m a little better now, hopefully the bug will leave me soon.

Anyways, i was talking about the new Mr. Men, Little Miss character tees right?

Fox Little Miss Character tees
these characters bring back loads of […]

FOX-ed out with Fox Kids and Baby.

By |August 24th, 2013|

*Sponsored post for Fox Kids and Baby*

if you didnt already know, my NO. 1 favourite activity is shopping. i grab at any chance to get some shopping done, for anything, or anyone! and what do mums do when they have kids? shop for the kids. its a legitimate reason to shop! it’s a privilege if you ask me!

i especially love buying clothes for the kids. cute, tiny clothes does things to me. like… OMG, this i need to grab this… GOSH, this sweater is so cute, i think jerry needs this for the shopping mall..(ya, right?!). I just turn irrational when i see cute clothes that may not even be applicable in our hot, humid weather. i know i am not alone. I also know that a lot of mums feel exactly like i do but wont admit it (especially to their husbands). hey, your secret is safe with me. […]