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    Flashback Friday #1 – My visit to Illinois from many moons ago (2007!)

Flashback Friday #1 – My visit to Illinois from many moons ago (2007!)

By |October 18th, 2013|

taking a break from the sydney trip, i’m gonna launch into another country US state that i visited but never got round to blogging about. Also, i think i’m gonna make it a point to do a #flashbackfriday post every friday because i do have a lot of outdated stuff that i want to talk about!

So yup. Illinois. For the longest time, i kept telling people i went to chicago, but the truth is… i landed in Chicago O’Hare International Airport and zipped out of the place in under an hour. i only saw the chicago airport and some streets. nothing else.

I spent the most of my time in vernon hills (illinois), stayed at my friend’s service apartment and did a day trip to milwaukee (wisconsin) to visit the public museum and also went to the outlets for shopping and that’s pretty much it!

And i think back then, […]

Sydney Wild Life Zoo @ Sydney Darling Harbour

By |October 14th, 2013|

if you are wondering, i’m still at day 4 of my trip and I have 5 more days to blog about….Some times, I get stressed thinking about how I am going to find the time to jot all my memories of my trip down, but small baby steps.. i’ll get there somehow. you guys bear with me alright?

So, we headed to the Sydney Wild Life Zoo as the last destination for the day. We were pretty zonked out having visited the Sydney’s Maritime Museum, Sydney Sea Life Aquarium & Madame Tussauds all in the same day. I would’t recommend it doing the way i did because we were pretty zonked out and totally low on energy by the time we hit the zoo.

Before we even entered the entrance, we were greeted with a whiff of smell, like some faint dung smell and i couldn’t make out […]

Madame Tussards Sydney

By |October 8th, 2013|

This post is all about our trip to Madame Tussards Sydney. I know, i said i’ll blog about the Wild Life Zoo next in my earlier post on Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium, but i totally forgot that we went Madame Tussauds before the zoo. So, i’m just gonna talk about Madam Tussauds first. If you know me, i’m more of a animal, marine life person or adventurous type of person. Thrill-seeking type if you need to label me. or nature-loving. I’l visit zoos, aquariums, do climbs, white-water rafting in a jiffy but museum sorta places, i’ll choose carefully and only do those that interests me.

so, Madame Tussauds isn’t really my kind of thing. it wasn’t on my to-do list in Sydney since i have been to the one in HK twice…but it was part of the Ultimate Sydney Pass and Cindy wanted to go (she’s hasn’t been to […]

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

By |October 3rd, 2013|

I’m back with more posts on my not-so-recent sydney vacation. haven’t been posting as often as i like, but i’m just thankful that i’m good and well now from that week long high fever that had plagued me for so long! viral infections these days are pretty lethal!

anywhow. if its your first time here, you might want to read my earlier posts on my sydney’s vacation:
Sydney Maritime Museum
Circular Quay
Darling Harbour
Sydney’s Fish Market
Sydney’s Tower Eye & Skywalk
Chinatown & St. Andrews Catherdral in Sydney
and if you are a fan, Ippudo Ramen Sydney

so, today’s post is about Sydney’s Aquarium, another must-see place for me based on cherieladie’s travel radar. simply because i love aquariums (if you havent already know), and since i’m at it, i will also attempt to review it.

we got our Sydney SeaLife Aquarium tickets as part […]

  • Boats, Ships, and Submarines in Sydny Maritime museum
    Permalink One of the must-go places in Sydney - Sydney Maritime Museum Gallery

    More of my Sydney adventures – visiting the Sydney Maritime Musuem

More of my Sydney adventures – visiting the Sydney Maritime Musuem

By |September 11th, 2013|

I’m blogging about Sydney Maritime Museum today! I’m have been kinda slacking on the sydney’s posts. errmm, it’s already been more than ONE MONTH since i landed back in singapore! Hmmm, where did all that time fly to?

anyhow, i am inspired to continue blogging on my adventures because it was a really, really, fun trip and at the same time, i had a gf who messaged me and said she got inspired by my posts and booked herself and her family on trip! (hello and waves to P!) I think i’m doing good to boost sydney’s tourism. Heh. heh.

To catch my earlier posts on sydney, you can read about my arrival, sights at circular quay where we saw the harbour bridge and opera house, us trying out ippudo ramen in sydney, checking out darling harbour, loading up on the seafood at sydney’s fish market, […]

st andrews cathedral and chinatown in sydney

By |August 23rd, 2013|

after our morning excitement checking out the sydney’s tower eye on day 3 of our trip, we did some light shopping and had lunch. we had full intention of checking off a lot more items on our “to-do” list but the day turned out to be a lot more chilled than we planned it to be.

chicken avocado spuds from spuds and crepes for lunch at westfields sydney, which is basically potatoes.

shopping for jellybeans as gifts for colleagues. this is such a happy place! there are soooooooo many different jellybean flavors that i couldn’t buy it all despite lugging a lot! (pardon the pixelated pictures, nabbed from my instagram)

st andrew’s cathedral. it wasn’t on my list of places that i wanted to visit, but the guide on the skywalk mentioned that there were beautiful stained glasses that’s worth paying a visit. […]

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    Experiencing The Sydney Tower Eye & Sky Walk (Sydney’s tallest building)

Experiencing The Sydney Tower Eye & Sky Walk (Sydney’s tallest building)

By |August 17th, 2013|

I have a lot more about sydney to post about, so bear with me! I’m only stuck at the 3rd day for now, so there are 7 more days’ worth of blog entries coming and I hope I could pen down all the wonderful memories that i have had. It was really a lovely trip, especially sans kids and doing all the exciting activities and fun things in sydney, together with friends. mainly touristy things, because i am after all, a tourist!

For some weird reason, I kept craving for vietnamese pho the moment I arrived in sydney and I was so excited when I came across one shop selling vietnamese food (Madame Nhu) in The Galeries Victoria while Cindy & I were on our way to the Sky Walk. Andy had to return to his 9-5 work week and couldn’t join us.

Madame […]

Sydney Fish Market where fresh seafood resides!

By |August 14th, 2013|

This post is about Sydney Fish Market, a place where I visited during my vacation to Sydney with my gf and without the kids.

i’m still missing the fun i had on my trip and am seriously experiencing a bad case of post holiday blues. it pains me to view the pictures because… i just want to head back there and chill.

the place is just so chill and laid back.

anyhow, what’s a trip to sydney without checking out the Sydney’s Fish Market right? it’s a stone throw away from darling harbour and we simply walked over after soaking in the sights at the harbour.

checking out the map of the entire fish market.

the place.

i was sooo excited being there! Sea gulls flying around hoping to steal a fish or two from the diners. boats of all shapes and sizes docked at […]

Sights at the Darling Harbour, Sydney.

By |July 29th, 2013|

on the second day of the trip, we planned to visit the darling harbour to soak in the sights, and walk to the sydney fish market for lunch. but this post is just gonna be loads and loads of pictures of darling harbour. simply because i find the place so alluring and mesmerizing, i could just sit around a whole day and people watch.

sharing all the pictures that i took! warning – it’s A LOT OF PICTURES!

to get to darling harbour, just take the train to town hall and its a 10min walk from the station. that’s the easiest for me. I wasn’t familiar with the bus numbers so i didnt take any.

there are 2 overhead bridges that leads you to darling harbour if you are coming from the town hall station direction and this is one of those.

Us, crossing the […]

Dinner at Ippudo Sydney & interesting sydney’s sights

By |July 25th, 2013|

I'm usually not a city person, but i do love having the opportunity to visit cities that have interesting sights and historical looking buildings. after all, they are not a common sight in singapore, right?

Here's some interesting sights that i saw while making our way from circular quay to QVB (chain mall) to have our dinner on the first evening of our sydney's trip.

a street (angel place) filled with loads of empty bird cages. it's an installation titled, "Forgotten songs" that features a bunch of empty bird cages and recorded bird sounds to remind the city dwellers of the abundant birdlife that was in the area prior to the English settlement. the empty cages signify that the birds have long flown away.

sydney's general post office. i love buildings like that. I spotted it on the first day while taking the train from the airport […]