cherieladie- bags

Last weekend, we packed the kids off to their grandparents for an afternoon and was getting ready to go out for ah boys to men musical when the following conversation happened…

C: (while I was taking a long time staring at my wardrobe and looking for a suitable bag to match my clothes…) sigh. I have no bags to complement my clothes. I think I need a new bag.
D: hmm….(gives me an incredulous look on his face and moments later..) Okay! Let’s go shopping for one later.
C: really?! OK! Let’s go! (Playing along cos I know the husband isn’t agreeable and knows that I have way too many bags)

A while later when I was wearing shoes getting ready to step out..

D: eh. I think I need to get a new watch. All my watches don’t seemed to be working well.. (Just for the record,  the husband owns quite a few watches) Hmmmmm…. I think I need to get an AP (Audemars Piguet). The timing is more accurate.
C: uh huh.. hmm. . Okay! (In a totally unconvincing tone) let’s go shopping for one later! Hee hee! (the husband is just serving me back a taste of my own #firstworldproblem)

And just for the record of it, our relationship thrives on banter like that. We get a lot of fun and kick irritating each other all the time. Ok, maybe sometimes not that fun but it makes both of us tick. Most days i get outwitted by the husband though, because he is really like 100 times more lame than me. So I conceat defeat. Yeah. I am defeated, because i am not as lame.

Haha. So, have you thought about what makes you and your partner tick? What do you think is truly unique about your relationship with each other that lets you both thrive on each other?

If you like this post, do read the rest of the ‘Conversations with the husband‘ too! And can i just ask.. how many bags do you actually own? The above image is some of the bags that i own and yet, i’m constantly having the “no bag to use” situation. P.s. don’t laugh at my bags ok? I know they are so not the IT bag anymore but i haven’t gone bag shopping ever since i turned mom. :/