Sleeping Jerry looking like an angel while sleeping

OK. This isn’t a new conversation but one that has happened maybe a year back or more? I thought I blogged it down before, but I can’t seemed to locate it on the blog (so weird!) so maybe I really didn’t. It’s a really funny and memorable one and I recently got reminded about it while talking to a friend.

It happened on a night where Jerry slept early and the husband and I were just chilling around (with our gadgets) in the bed with the sleeping kid wedged between us.

D: Look at him sleep. He looks like a 天使 (angel) hor? (looks at kid adoringly)
C: Hmmm.. yeah.

(the next day the kid was so naughty and angered the husband so much… he was shouting and scolding the kid non stop)

C: Hey, hey. Chill. Don’t keep shouting at him.
D: He make me so angry!
C: Hmmm… didn’t you say he is a 天使 (angel) last night? *giggling*
D: Ya! 天使 (pronounced as “tian shi”)!  天上掉下来的一堆屎 ( tian shang diao xia lai de yi dui shi! or translated as a pile of shit that fell from the sky)!

This just had to be my favourite pun from the boy! I love sharing this with my friends because I get tickled by it so much.

If you have enjoyed this post, do read about the other conversations with the husband or the funny things that Jerry says. It’s a tiring week for me, so till I blog again!