the other day when the fight happened, the husband and me were in discussion on the topic while strolling to the nearby mall to grab some necessities.

and the husband went….
d: i think jerry is quite the gentleman.
c: why?
d: because… 君子动口不动手。 (literally translated as “the gentlemen uses his mouth instead of his hands” but meant to mean that the gentlemen would reason rather than fight)
c: …… *roll eyes*
d: ya what! he didn’t hit other people what. he bit the girl, so he used his mouth right?

please tell me it’s a pain to deal with my husband sometimes.

we sorta concluded that the fight must have been triggered by toys, especially since jerry is of the age where he says “share share!!” but isnt able to fully grasp the meaning of it (like an internal turmoil where he knows but cannot put into action accurately). i have since confirmed it with the school when i sent him there yesterday morning.