Hello. I’m back here again. My blog has become a forgotten friend, it seems. In between, I have been busy with work (what’s new), training for a trekking trip in Nepal, doing the actual short trekking trip (my first!), training for a Spartan race, and then completing the Spartan race. I came back home today, tired, aching and badly bruised with battles scars to tell a story, but that’s the story for another day.

Amidst all these, my boy has slowly grown in many ways that I seemed to have failed to notice. This evening (while I just got home), he was asking for a piece of paper to draw something, so I opened up his art work box to take the paper only to realised that the box is in a mess. I gave him the paper he needed, and then emptied the box to do some spring cleaning and sorting.

While at it, there were some tattoos and stickers that I unearthed and while I was sorting them.. Jerry took a really huge sticker and came to me.

Jerry: Mummy, can you help me with the sticker?
Me: What do you want to do with it? You have to tell me.
Jerry: You just help me take out please.
Me: (fearing that he might stick on the floor or furniture) Hmm, but there must be a reason why you want me to take out the sticker for you. Can you tell me what you want to do with it?

Jerry then went silent for a short moment, and walked away with the sticker. Shortly after, he lie down on the floor and started playing with the sticker. A few minutes later, he managed to peel off the back of the sticker… and excitedly grabbed the cover of his art materials box and stuck it nicely, in the centre.)


And then he came to me….

Jerry: Mummy! See, I stuck it on the cover of the box so I can tell between this and the remote control box! 
Me:  *speechless* 

To be honest, I found that an innovative idea coming from him and he probably also first identified that he has an issue to begin with and came up with a solution for it himself, without our help. He didn’t even mentioned to me he had trouble identifying the box. If you look behind him, there are 2 white identical boxes under the tv console. One of which has his wii remote controls and accessories, the other contains all his art materials, and he has been forever pulling them out, opening to check the box contents, and switch if it wasn’t the box he wanted.

And there, he just solved his own inconvenience, with just a brilliant sticker. Hmmm, he is really growing up, is he? I keep thinking he is still a small boy!

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