For those who are new on the blog or doesn’t know.. the little pig in the picture is called x.silly (actually short form for ‘xiao silly’ or 小silly, meaning ‘small silly’). I have a bigger version of the pig and his name is “Silly” and this smaller version is named as such, because he came after the big one (the husband gave it to me so that i can travel with it on a work trip). It was a really sweet gift from then bf a long time ago. They are really special because they are pigs with WINGS (if anyone sees an exact replica, please tell me!) – the husband’s surname is Choo (sounds like pig in chinese) and i used to say he is my angel hence the cute pigs with wings. The pigs are very dear to me (with me all the time even when i travel) and i sleep with them every single day.

Somehow, this seems to translate to my kids as well and no points for guessing who Jerry needs to sleep with everyday now.

Well, this post isn’t about a conversation between Jerry & me, but a conversation between Jerry & x.Silly. I was still sleeping in the morning when i heard Jerry (who is co-sleeping with me now at my mum’s while the husband is away) talking to himself and moving around in the bed.

J: x.silly! Do you want to sleep with me? You sleep with me ok? (puts x.silly head on the pillow next to himself)
J: (gets up and looks at x.silly) Are you cold? Jerry put blanket for you ok? (pulls blanket and cover x.silly up to his neck and lies down beside x.silly, pulling the blanket to cover himself too)
J: (looks at x.silly and goes…) x.silly, i love you…

Oh man. my heart was filled with warmth that morning. It’s heart warming to see him to do that to a toy (that i love dearly too) and i must say, he is super imaginative and can engage in role-playing all by himself. I think he is growing up way faster than i credit him to be… and can i repeat that he is not even 3 years old?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

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