A short post on Things Jerry Says today.

I’m a little under the weather this week – caught the flu bug and cough from the kids (yes, they both are down as well) and the husband is away for work (for 10 days!) so i’m solo-parenting and struggling to stay alive. As much as I would love to blog more, i’m seriously strapped for time, and when the kids are asleep, the meds (hello, tiny yellow pill!) is way too strong for me to battle and i ended up crawling into bed right after typing a blog title. I do hope to get well soon, it sure sucks being sick and meanwhile, hang in there and do check back often yeah?

Here’s what Jerry said the other day..

Wipers o

Jerry’s favourite song is the wheels on the bus (so is Jerome’s) and there isn’t a day passed in his life without it.

A couple of days ago where the weather was scorching hot and the sun blazing down on Jerry while der was driving me to work….

J: mummy, it’s so hot!!
C: (takes a shade and pass it to him) here,  use this to block out the sun.
J: mummy, I want the wipers to swish swish swish on papa’s car!
(Hahaha. That’s freaking funny)
C: jerry, papa only use the wipers when it’s raining. There is no rain now!
J: mummy! I want it to rain now! So that papa can use the wipers!

(Der & me burst out in laughter)

Kids are just so innocent right? I can’t have it rain just because he said so even though i wish i could. The weather is so freaking hot these days!

Till i get well and blog again, you have a great week. Meanwhile, do check out the rest of the “Things Jerry Says” series.