It’s the first day of the month again (whaaaatt?!  It’s JUNE?!), so it’s time for a fashionista cherieladie post once again! I’ll try and collate all my ootds of the past month and post it on the first of the month, just to share my outfits with you guys. A lot of you requested fashion-related posts because you guys feedback to say you like how i dress… but actually, I don’t think I can write anything in that genre so a simple ootd post I’ll do!

Anyhow, I still can’t believe that there are still people asking me what it means, it means outfit of the day. So, if you like anything that i shared and would like to know where i get them from, just ask away.

I strongly believe one doesn’t need to buy expensive clothes to look good, so I don’t really own anything expensive. 🙂

And oh, I didn’t really have a lot to share this month, not because I didn’t wear anything that i fancied a lot, but because i was so busy with work that i KEPT FORGETTING to take pictures of the ootds. So a lot of this month’s pictures is based on weekend casual wear.. where i had a little wee bit of time to breathe and chill.

Here goes.. the outfits from the month of May.

Super casuals – I totally love the $3 moutache tee from Bkk

Love the floral details on the sleeves of this tunic/dress.

The above pic is a little blur so i didn’t post it on instagram but decided to show it here. The dress is a little too short actually, so what i do is to wear a black tight girly boxer inside so that I can wear it as a dress in ease!

Polka dot romper and a neon necklace to oomph up the outfit.

I love my TOM shoes and frayed shorts here. I spruced this outfit with a bright pink belt. I know i look short here!

I always thought i can never do lace (so girly) but strangely, i love love this pair of lace shorts. I layered my tops as well to make things interesting.

Romper with a hole at the back. I paired it with a lace cropped top so that it’s decent enough for work.

I love how the lace details peek out subtly and make an otherwise plain outfit interesting. Also featuring a newly bought bag! I love love love this camel sling bag that i recently bought. It’s gonna appear quite frequently in the months to come because it’s such a nice size!

I wore badges to spruce up my plain green top (from cotton on).

I looked like I didn’t wear shoes (or wearing the grass) but I was wearing this pair of neon green leather flats that I absolutely love. Pity the grass covered everything here.

Not sure if you realised it by now.. but for me, it’s all about the fine details. A necklace, a little bit of arm candy, different type of watches, different pairing of bags, and loads of accessories to keep things interesting.

Is there an outfit you like here? So share!

Can you tell I am trying to improve the way i shoot the ootds? Do share if you have any tips! Imma obviously not a fashion/lifestyle blogger. Heh.

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