Honestly, my outfit of the day (ootd) isn’t much today. it’s not even anywhere fashionable. it’s just a plain dress (although its a sentimental one), but i wanted to document it still. because i was on the train today and SOMEONE OFFERED ME A RESERVED SEAT!


I spent the entire train journey home wondering if i looked horrible or terribly preggers or something. By the way, if you are wondering.. i’m not. I’m still thinking about donning my bikinis in the upcoming BKK trip.

So, errrmm. do i look fat or something? If you think i am, do tell me so! At least it can be a source of motivation for me to do something. *looks at ushape in the living room and wonders if i should go on it again*

or maybe i think too much. maybe the lady was just being nice and wanted to offer me a seat, because i was carrying big bags of stuff on the train.

maybe. just maybe….

oh, as for the sentimental part, i bought this dress as one of the choices for my bridesmaid’s dresses for my wedding. Feels like a long time back now!

The bridesmaids with the wedding couple - Derrick & Cherie

Derrie & the bridesmaids.