yesterday, we were strolling along in mbs mall and suddenly der said, “hey, hey, look at the 小鸟!它一直在变(look at the small bird, it keeps changing)”.




I stared and stared… and I could see no bird.

I even scrutinised everyone walking pass to see if they were carrying a bird. no bird at all!


me: 哪里有鸟? (where is the bird?)
der: there! up there! 
me: looks up and sees the *chanel* logo blinking in intervals across the entire panel.  grrr.. 


can I say this is NOT the first time he pulled this 小鸟joke on me?????
totally not funny……………


ok lah, I admit. quite funny but SUPER IRRITATING!!!!!!!


p.s. we are lame like that.  hahaha.