1. i am very tired but am on a blog roll. it just means i’m quite deprived from blogging.

2. i am burping of durian. super over dose of durian over the weekend and today.

3. i am very happy that der is finally coming back tomorrow! but it also means i no longer get to drive myself to work (hence have to wake up earlier)

4. i have never driven myself around in JB (without a passenger) and i did that umpteen times over the weekend, and even to and fro singapore and jb. managed to familiarize myself with more roads this time round. so yay!

5. i cannot decide if i want the aircon to be switched on. because when it gets cold, i switched it off and ten minutes later, i switch it on.

6. i could just be fulfilling my dream of visiting south africa this year! decision decisions. usa with der or south africa alone?

7. my room is getting a lot smaller with the amount of furniture that i keep adding. soon, i’ll have no more space to walk.

8. i just spent the last weekend not spending a single cent! somehow, either the money’s not mine or that i didnt get the chance to pay.

9. i am missing seafood now and i wish i am back in JB junking out in the alleys on sambal-immersed seafood. *yums*

10. i find myself to be totally devoid of feelings sometimes. or it could be that my brain has managed to shut out the emotional part of me in ‘some’ situations and i just feel irritated at myself for being so unfeeling. make sense? i don’t know why this is happening.

ok. better try to sleep. have early morning meetings tomorrow.

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