im am sipping HOT water and hopping mad.

i think you are very inconsiderate with your comments and everyone does NOT have to do it your way. People do things differently and as long as the things gets done and the end result is the SAME, why bother tossing crude comments on others? do you NOT think of what others feel?

and when u do something that appear so selfish and i comment about it, u shout at me as if i am the one in the wrong? i was just trying to tell you a fact, and hopefully, u can LEARN from it. instead, u just rebuked me with a louder than usual voice. so i was so wrong to say while u are so right to comment on me?

i dont understand why i have to be this mad. i could have shouted at you to prove my point. i could have BLOODY HELL argue with you. i didnt. cos i KNOW i have to spare for your thoughts. why can u just do the same?

i am so so so sick of tolerating. the amount of work i need to do these days isnt helping. i am f%#king annoyed already, but still, i try to help when i can.

and i realise something about me these days. i try to be nice to everyone, but everyone just takes advantage of me. and it’s causing me to have a lot more outbursts.

i am unhappy. 🙁

another motivation for me to move on.